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From Thursday 29 September 2005

Hell’s bells

Submitted: “Team Hell is now offering free postage on all UK orders and now stock American Fear, Iron Fist, Dekline Footwear , Bleeding Star, Draven, Tank Theory, To Die For Clothing, Romance Clothing along with old faves like Heartache, Strhess, Famous SAS, Demo, LearntoDie, Duffs, Ipath, Rockett

TBS new album set for 2006

Submitted by Jim: “According to taking back sunday‘s recent interview with on mark hoppus‘ podcast they hope to have the new album released in early 2006.”

I love this band more than I love my mum

You can see Race The Sun‘s video for ‘Vanity Score’ over at


According to “Victory Records have signed The Autumn Offering.”

Wednesday 28 September 2005

Brave the bad weather

Submitted: “Bravestar records need you!! Bravestar is currently in the process of setting up a new Street Team. With opportunities to see Bravestar bands such as Copeland, My Awesome Compilation and The Riverclub for FREE!! If you want to get involved

Action Action follow-up

Action Action are set to record the follow up to ’Don’t Cut Your Fabric To This Year’s Fabric’ in October and December with William Wittman returning as producer. Look for the new album in early 2006.

What’s up, punks

The winners of the recent Punkermentality zine competition are: Ben Eustice, Ian Mullen, Danny Lovett,Amanda Taylor, Mark Agar and Joe Troszok. You all win copies of the zine, well done!

Your luck’s in…

The winners of the Lucky Nine competition are as follows: CD+gig tickets for Friday’s gig: Kevin Wood, Rhys Hill and Barry Dolan. Winners of a copy of the new album are: Charlotte Grounds, Conor O’Doherty, Fred Hills, Gary McQuiggin, Luke Walter, Andrew Dean and Michael Craig.


According to, The Sleeping signed to Victory Records approximately ten minutes ago.

RIP Pete

Visit to download the last ever Pete’s Sake song, ‘Lies and Actions’.