[Sponsored] Punk fans needed to star in major TV ad

By James Brown

Knucklehead, a casting and production company, are looking for punks fans throughout the country to star in a major advertising campaign.

You don’t need to be a professional actor¬†‚Äď they just want people to dance in their kitchen to¬†some music they love. It’s open to absolutely anyone and all ages.

If you’re selected to be filmed for the campaign, you’ll get paid¬†¬£250 for the shoot day. And a further ¬£2,000 if you make the TV edit (no kidding!), or a further ¬£500 if you make the edit that gets used online.

To apply, you need to send¬†a sixty second video clip set to your favourite punk music, in your kitchen.¬†It’s meant to be very natural, but you’ll also need to be preparing a meal (it can be a very simple meal!) while you’re dancing to the track.

They are looking for people¬†who can just be themselves and act as if the camera isn’t there.

If you’re up for it, then you need to send¬†your clip by this Monday coming up – the 14th¬†November.

Please label video clip and images with your full name and send them to casting@knucklehead.co.uk

Ed: Please note that this was a paid-for sponsored article, which we rarely do here at Punktastic, but we thought this one was genuine and relevant for all of you in the UK.