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From Thursday 31 March 2005

Millions are dead

Million Dead tour in May to support their second album, ‘Harmony No Harmony’. Dates can be seen by hitting ‘discuss this item’.

Hollywood Ending Interview

My interview with the guys from Hollywood Ending is now up on the front page so check it out!

Wednesday 30 March 2005

KKK took my Fastlane away

If ever there was a reason to go to WhSmiths and read Kerrang on your lunch hour, today would be the day, as you can read a full-page feature on our good friends in Fastlane. Go forth, read and spread the Fastlane joy!

Wheezy does it

According to, you can see the new video for Weezer‘s ‘Beverley Hill’s single here.

Death By Lawsuit

Death By Stereo are being sued for over £100-million by the family of a man who died at one of the band’s gigs. Read an article on the lawsuit here.

Reggie and the compilation

Reggie and the Full Effect and My Awesome Compilation tour together at the floowing dates: 14 June 2005: Cardiff Barfly 15 June 2005: Liverpool Barfly 16 June 2005: Glasgow Barfly 17 June 2005: TBC 19 June 2005: York Barfly 20

Random news update

Bits o’stuff for you. Look for a Punktastic announcement this weekend. We’re all excited about it, hopefully you will be too! We’ve selected eight bands for Punktastic Un-Scene 2, which will be out in June. We’ve still got another 8-10 bands/songs to choose from, we may

I don’t usually post one-offs, but…

Leicester-Emo-Scene presents Rockstars In Their Eyes, April 11th at The Shed, Leicester. Featuring: 3GunPete (as The Movielife), Have A Go Hero (as Weezer), Another Direction (as Thursday), Switch NX (as A.F.I), To What


Although we do tend to review 95% of CDs sent to us, we do have a few rules and we would love you forever if you could adhere to them please. We no longer reviews CDs with less than three songs on – we have to draw the


You Suspect have put their entire demo online for everyone to listen to and you can hear all the tracks at