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From Saturday 31 January 2004

New release

Brand New release ‘Sic Transit Gloria…Glory Fades’ on Monday. It’s out on three different formats, click ‘discuss this item’ for more information.


Submitted by Raych and Kathy: “We run a student radio punk show on Saturdays from 6 – 8pm and this week is our first back on air since Christmas! We’ll be playing requests among other choices of our own and have an exclusive interview with Mates of State and

Better than The Nervous Return!

Although unconfirmed, Rufio are believed to be the main support on The Offspring‘s UK tour.

FFAF cancel again

Funeral For A Friend have cancelled their Liverpool gig tonight. The other three bands scheduled to play will continue to do so. Pending an all clear from his doctor tomorrow morning, Matt and the band are looking forward to rejoining the tour in

Friday 30 January 2004

Name Taken hold on for dear life

Submitted by lance: “”There is a new Name Taken song from their album “HOLD ON” that just got released today on the site. Check it out.”

FFAF reschedule

Funeral For A Friend have rescheduled their cancelled Sheffield date for February 9. The gig, which was at the University, will now be at the Leadmill. It is not yet known if the old tickets are still valid, but FFAF will headline.

Echo, echo, echo…

Echo Freddy have new MP3s up for your listening pleasure at

Please help!

Posted in the forums by Benn of Shouting Myke: “If you were at the last Shouting Myke Wycombe gig and you saw or found a homemade effects board with an EHX Big Muff and Boss ODB-3, CEB-3 and FS5-L pedals on it wrapped


More info about ‘that emo book’: “So we’re cutting through January like whoa. ‘Revolution on Canvas’ is just about out and we’ve got mad stuff to give away…more info on that next week. If you’ve preordered the book, we’ll be shipping them out around the 8th… So

MR have web problems

From Matchbook Romance HQ: “We want to apologize to everyone that has been going to the Matchbook Romance site and noticed that there have been things missing or acting unusual. We are currently switching servers and until we are on the new server these