Watch Victory Lane’s new video for ‘Said & Done’

By Glen Bushell

With the announcement of Victory Lane’s new EP, ‘Louder Than Words’. the pop punk band have put together a video for their new single, ‘Said and Done’. Today we are bringing you the first look at the video below.

“The story behind the new EP is varied,” says vocalist Dan Lamb. “Some of the tracks are about making the best out of a bad situation — this spreads across 2 of the songs in particular; ‘Make it Right’ and ‘Said and Done’. The 3rd song ‘Who We Are’ is about us as a band and as individuals trying to make it as musicians. And finally “Rainy Day” a song about being sick of constantly saving money and staying in.”

‘The EP basically follows up after 2 singles we released last year,” they continue. “Both were very different vibes to see what people liked more the most: skate punk edge or the poppy approach. After they’d been out a while we came to the conclusion that both singles went down well so we set on to write for the EP. We think we’ve achieved a mix of the two with ‘Louder Than Words’.ย For the ‘Said And Done’ video, we wanted to reflect on the subject of the song; the idea of a couple meeting and then it progressing to a point that they break up.”

‘Louder Than Words is released on July 21, and you can keep up with Victory Lane on Facebook.