Self Care Club Presents: Collab Playlist – July ’21

By Self Care Club

Can we take a second to appreciate how fantastic the Download Pilot was? Full of love, care, and some fucking great bands, it’s a real statement of how powerful our scene is. Gigs are now on the horizon, and with the success of the pilot, it surely can’t be long till we’re in sweaty dive bars, jamming to our favourite bands without a care in the world (whilst still remaining safe, please). While we can’t guarantee everyone will be able to get to a gig by the end of July, we at Punktastic HQ – with the support of the Self Care Club – have pulled together another playlist, and we can guarantee you’ll find something to tide you over until you find yourself in a crowd once more.

With recommendations from our Patrons, as well as a few staff ones thrown in, we’ve built our playlist with love and care, to bring a selection of tracks that we recommend, with highlights below. So why don’t you take a listen to the compilation whilst browsing over the Self Care Club? You’re only a few short clicks from joining, so get involved and join the fun.

Hazing Over – ‘Pestilence’

One for the metal heads out there, this is unrelenting. Full of thunderous riffs, and maniacal and unclean vocals that make my throat ache by proxy, it’s not for the light hearted. Dropping their debut EP of the same name in Feb ’21, Hazing Over are definitely a band to keep an eye out for, particularly who like their metal tinged with weird little details.


Zeal & Ardor – ‘Run’

Manuel Gagneux is a genius. He’s taken what was initially a genre mashup suggestion on 4chan and turned it into one of the most interesting and encapsulating bands of the last five years with his blend of Black Metal and African-American spirituals. Previous record ‘Stranger Fruit’ is one of my all-time favourite albums, and this first taster from its follow-up – believed to be due out in early 2022 – is another phenomenal track to add to a stellar back catalogue.


Weezer – ‘California Kids’

The second time I’ve suggested Rivers and co. for the playlist in as many months, but hear me out. Since the sun started showing its face again in the last month or so, the ‘White Album’ has been my go-to summer vibes record while on a walk and its opening track has been and infectious joy to hear every time. It’s also quickly making a case for being my favourite Weezer record, but that’s a debate that could rage on forever… Here’s to a summer of fun, sun and good times with friends!


Tom Morello/Pussy Riot – ‘Weather Strike’

You know when you queue up a load of songs, and one of them jumps out for one reason or another? This hit me twice in the space of three minutes. Firstly, that trademark Morello guitar sound is just captivating. Secondly, the vocals are outstanding. Not necessarily strong, but they demand attention, and attention they definitely get. Two of the most politically charged artists working together? Yeah, things are going to change.


The Hell feat. Jamie Lenman – ‘The Open Road’

No band has captured my heart since the start of the pandemic quite like The Hell. The masked Watford hardcore crew have a knack of writing catchy, hilarious tunes that could only come from these shores. They recently released the second part of their magnum opus hardcore opera, “Joris”, and this ode to the life of touring in the back of a van featuring the legendary Jamie Lenman Jeremy Lonsdale has an infectious gallop that will hook you in early doors. They will be the first live band I’ve seen since February last year and I cannot wait to sing along to every word of this tune.


Creeper – ‘Midnight’

Cards on the table, there’s a lot of Creeper’s output that does nothing for me as someone with no reverence for MCR. However, when they have moments of brilliance that get through to someone like me, it’s nothing short of spectacular. This is the best song they have released yet, with beautiful instrumentation throughout and show stealing vocal performances from Will Gould and Hannah Greenwood. Undeniably one of the best songs you will listen to released by a British band in 2021.


Melt-Banana – ‘Shield For Your Eyes, A Beast In The Well On Your Hand’

There is no other way to describe this other than absolutely batshit mental. Firmly in the Noise Rock genre, it’s insanity at its finest – big squeals of distortion, rapidfire drumming and a riff that sounds like it’s being scratched down a chalkboard, and that without touching on Yasuko Onuki’s vocal that’re as quick and eclectic as the instrumentation. This is a track that can only be listened to at a loud volume to make sure all the layers are heard.


Children Collide – ‘Jellylegs’

Australian band Children Collide have recently announced they’re back and releasing a fourth album and honestly, I’m stoked. Having got into them in the last couple of weeks, largely due to the Reuben-esque ‘Jelly Legs’, I can’t wait to dive in and give them a blast. Catchy chorus, silly lyrics that somehow make perfect sense, punchy instrumentation – I’m all over this.


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