By Yasmin Brown

There’s nothing we love more than a surprise release, especially when they come from one of the most exciting and promising British bands of recent years. This Friday will see the release of Boston Manor’s ‘Desperate Times Desperate Pleasures’ EP, wherein on top of the recently released ‘Algorithm’ and ‘Carbon Mono’, we’ll be treated to another three new tracks to catapult us through to the end of the year straight into their February tour.

Ahead of the EP’s release, we caught up with the band’s front man Henry Cox and found out a little bit more about the music that continues to fuel him and his bandmates.

A song that reminds you of your first ever tour

Gnarwolves – ‘History Is Bunk’

At this point in time Gnarwolves were exploding on the U.K. scene, selling out shows everywhere they went. We ran into them quite often & we were big fans of this EP. This song always reminds me of that time.

A song you that hypes you up before a live show

No Doubt – ‘Hella Good’

We always have a power hour where we go on stage where we listen to tunes and have a dance about. This is usually one of the last ones that we listen to.

A song that reminds you of America

The Neighbourhood – ‘Greetings From Califournia’

This song just reminds me of being in California, we often put it on when we’re driving from San Diego up to LA or on the coastal road. Shades on.

A song the whole band loves

Cash Basket – ‘Beach’

This song is sick & reminds me of all of us singing along in the van. It’s a bit of a victory song for us, it gets thrown on when we win.

Your favourite Boston Manor song 

An unreleased one…

[YB: Ok fine, we’ll choose our own]

A song you could never get bored of

Cher – ‘Believe’

Maybe my favourite song of all time. Also one of the first songs I ever heard, I will never get bored of that song.

Favourite song from your teen years

Enter Shikari – ‘Sorry You’re Not A Winner’

I will never not clap.

A song that reminds you of your fans

Korn – ‘Freak On A Leash’

A song that reminds you of Blackpool

Maybe Darude – ‘Sandstorm’

Blackpool’s huge for clubbing, & growing up in the early 2000’s you would hear trance & techno blasting in the centre constantly. 

Best song to play when you’re angry

Linkin Park – ‘One Step Closer’

“Shut up when I’m talking to youuuuuu”

A song that will always get you on your feet

Overmono – ‘Everything U Need’

I love this song and I’ve played it to death over lockdown. The rhythm of it inspired a riff in a song we wrote recently.

A song that makes you hopeful for the future of music 

Yard Act – ‘Dark Days’