Seven years on, and Take the Seven are still standing strong

Picture this. It’s 2011, you’re listening to some unsigned band on the radio, and you’re in complete adoration of their sound. It’s captivating and powerful, the guitar work resonates with every cell in your body, and even in this raw, unrefined demo, the band represent everything great about the British rock scene right now. Fast forward to the present, and you find yourself re-discovering those same songs, and wondering how on earth this band haven’t had the recognition they deserve. Some bands just stick with you, and in my case, that band is Take the Seven.

Occupying the space between anthemic pop punk and melodic post-hardcore, the Chesterfield natives have been quiet in recent months, teasing fans with the infectious ‘Live For Free’ back in May and treating us to a series of impressive (and in one case, hilarious) covers over the years. ‘History Is Written By The Victors’ might be the band’s most outstanding and emotional work to date, but one listen is enough to tell you just how much potential this band really have, and I for one can’t wait for their next release.