WELCOME BACK: My Chemical Romance announce comeback show in LA

By Yasmin Brown

It’s been about 17 hours since the sorely missed My Chemical Romance started teasing something. It started with a brand spanking new instagram account and ended in a comeback show announcement (their first tweet in almost six months), to take place next month on December 20th in LA.

We’ve slept on it and quite frankly, much like the rest of the emo population of the world, we are Not Okay (I promise).

Bands come and go, but few leave an emo shaped hole in the way that My Chemical Romance did back in 2013 (albeit temporarily filled by the resurgence of Fall Out Boy the very same month). We’ve spent the past six and a half years finding ourselves pulled into a Black Parade trance every time we hear that fateful ‘G’ note, and with rumours flying around from every direction, it’s been hard to know what to believe.

Ultimately, we all believed it was over for good, and while we missed them, we were at peace with their decision to put themselves first.

Now, of course, that peace has been disturbed, and with one single show announcement, we’re left with a million more questions as to what this means for the future of My Chemical Romance.

Will there be more shows? New music? Another ten years to look forward to?

We sure hope so, but in the mean time, we’ll be going back to 2004 and listening to ‘Helena’ on repeat, praying for a UK announcement some time very soon, and dreaming of LA.

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