Horse play

By paul

The singer from HORSE the band has been arrested on suspicion of pointing a gun at a woman and robbing a petrol station. A statement from the band revealed: “Nathan our singer was taken to jail tonight after our show with Dragonforce in Toronto on suspicion of robbing a gas station and firing a pistol at a woman. Nathan has been reading Lonesome Dove by Larry McMurtry and got way into it, thinking he is the main character, Gus. He drinks a bottle of whiskey a day and bought a cap gun which he took the orange thing off of and a 12 inch bowie knife which he named ‘blue duck.’ Every night when he is drunk he fires the cap gun in the air and runs around screaming. Tonight at the gas station he had just fallen out the side door of the van. He climbed back in laughing hysterically, and shot his cap gun into the air twice. We left the gas station. Two minutes later I was lying face down in the middle of the freeway handcuffed with a handgun and a shotgun pointed at my head. Eighteen cops came and they shut down the freeway. Evidently some lady said we robbed the store and pointed the gun at her. They let the rest of us go, but the Toronto police have Nathan, blue duck, the gun, our jim beam, e and j, and barenjager. Hopefully they let Nathan go but he might be in jail for a while. Sorry if we misss any shows.”

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