The Gospel Youth – ‘Empires’

By Chris Marshman

The hype that seems to be building behind The Gospel Youth ever since they announced the fact they were even a band has shown no signs of slowing down recently. The Brighton based pop rock quartet have bagged their highest profile gig to date supporting Deaf Havana in Oxford and now they’re gearing up for the release of their EP ‘Empires’ which has already started gaining great reviews.

The potential behind The Gospel Youth has always been there. In Sam Little they have a front man who goes almost unrivalled in terms of ability and every one knows just how good The Auteur were, so it’s absolutely no surprise that ‘Empires’ is five tracks of glorious, anthemic pop rock.

The comparisons are ready made with ‘Homesick’ almost sounding as if it was written by Deaf Havana… it really is that accomplished, it’s quite astonishing that a band in the infancy of their careers can create something so well rounded and complete. That remains a general theme throughout too, each song sounds like it has been in the head of the writer for years, so much so that it’s already been written to perfection.

There are plenty of singalongs to be had too, It’s hard to not be able to imagine a room full of screaming teenagers belting back the chorus of ‘Lighting Fires’ and practically the whole of ‘If She’s The Rope’ back to the band, with the latter proving the immense song writing abilities of The Gospel Youth, as if they were ever in doubt. It’s a four minute ballad that will more than likely incite a few tears from the bands already loyal following.

The EP wraps things up with the energetic title track ‘Empires’ which is essentially The Gospel Youth at their very best. From start to finish there is an urgency to the song which is infectious. The bridge is where the song really comes to life though. The group vocals that echo behind a lone guitar before Sam comes back in to nail a big note at the end accompanied by some incredibly effective drumming from Max Wingell.

The Gospel Youth have done something quite remarkable with ‘Empires’ it’s incredibly rare to see a band able to put out music that’s so accomplished so early in their careers. This EP will put The Gospel Youth amongst the elite of British up and coming rock bands and is hugely deserving of 20 minutes of your time.


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