Press Club – ‘Endless Motion’

By Tom Walsh

Press Club have quite a few things to get off their chest. The Melbourne-based four-piece have watched on in despair as the world has eaten itself. However, in despair comes art and their third LP, ‘Endless Motion’, is another bold step for one of the darlings of Australia’s DIY scene. It’s a polished, melodic and extremely pissed-off record that spews out all of the frustrations and worries of a time when everything seems unprecedented.

The band also took a more considered approach to the writing of this record. While 2019’s ‘Wasted Energy’ was written in the midst of a packed touring schedule and thrashed out in the studio within a week, they took their time with ‘Endless Motion’. The poppy elements of ‘Wasted Energy’ have been scrubbed away leaving a darker, broodier sound, which suits lead singer Natalie Foster’s vocal style down to the ground.

There’s a bite with every syllable Foster spits out. Her rage is barely contained in ‘Untitled Wildlife’, a song about the seemingly annual Australian bushfires and growing effects of climate change which have been ravaging the country. She screams out, in an almost exasperated tone, “this sunburnt country is being burnt down to the ground”.

It’s clear that the extended songwriting process has worked well. There’s a lot more layers to each track, the intricacy of the structures and the production all have the hallmarks of a more thought out approach. While the chaotic nature of writing songs in the back of a van worked wonders ‘Wasted Energy’, it shows the maturity and ambition of a band to know when to take a step back and assess how to do things differently.

The lead singles of ‘Eugene’ and ‘Cancelled’ show the contrasting sides of Press Club. It’s almost like the evolution of the band within two tracks. While ‘Eugene’ picks up where ‘Wasted Energy’ left off with a poppy lick and big chorus, ‘Cancelled’ showcases the band’s newer, darker sound. The latter is a big, booming track which flits between raucous choruses and stripped back intricate guitar work.

Another highlight of ‘Endless Motion’ is the wonderfully constructed ‘Afraid of Everything’, a tender tale of vulnerability. Like ‘Cancelled’ it switches effortlessly from the loud and quiet as Foster talks her way through the verses before building to crashing choruses. It’s the kind of song that really tugs at the heartstrings and will stay with you long after the record comes to a close.

Press Club also like to throw in a couple of anthems – well, as close you can get for a four-piece punk band – such as the jumping ‘Lifelines’ and the almost ballad-like ‘I Can Change’. It’s all wrapped up with the closer ‘Less These Days’; a regretful, introspective track that brings the whole record together.

The blood, sweat and toil Press Club have put into relentless touring and frantic songwriting are bearing fruit for the Australians. ‘Endless Motion’ marks another exciting step in the band’s trajectory as they shape up to be one to watch in the future. And most of all, it’s a record that feels like a cathartic experience for the band.


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