Pinstripe Bucaneer – Dead Language

By paul

Pinstripe Buccaneer remind me of a few 90s alt-rock bands. If you’ve ever seen the film Empire Records from about 15 years ago then you could easily imagine this being played in the background as the soundtrack. It’s about as fashionable as a shellsuit but it’s actually pretty good. It’s dark and brooding and there are some good choruses and melodies along the way. It doesn’t always work – ‘All I Want To Do Is Sleep’ didn’t grab me at all, while ‘Playing With Spoons’ just came over as being totally pointless – but when it does it’s really quite enjoyable. ‘We Are The Rockstars. You Are The Groupies’ has a massive chorus, while ‘Scraps Of Dust’ reminds me a lot of Gin Blossoms, a band I used to absolutely love. This is more hit than miss and sounds fresh even if it’s actually pretty dated. And that’s more than good enough for me.

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