Girl Afraid – Believe What Comes Next

By paul

Rule one of sending in your release for review – make sure all the songs play properly. For some reason the third track on this EP, ‘When All This Is Over…’ is just three minutes of static and shushing noises. Something has clearly gone wrong somewhere along the line, but it’s lazy and very unprofessional to send this off for reviews and to have a whole song completely unlistenable. Still, I’ve been nice and decided to totally disregard the song rather than mark them down. If every reviewer has received the same track, others may not be so forgiving.

Girl Afraid are described as an alt-rock band, but I’d say they’re more pop-rock. The band try and write catchy, melodic rock songs with strong choruses and they do a reasonable job. ‘The Many Moods of Larry David’ is the best of the remaining two tracks, with a strong – if heavily Americanised – vocal and a decent stab at a chorus. It’s not Earth-shattering or original, but it’s pretty good. Would I listen to Girl Afraid for fun? Probably not, but the band showcase enough talent and skill to suggest if they keep at it they could grow and get better and better. There’s always room for bands that write songs you can sing along to, so there’s no reason why Girl Afraid can’t do well in the future.

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