Best of Enemies – ‘A Fear That Comes Around’

By Eloise Bulmer

Best of Enemies have always had a knack for straight up pop-rock in the vein of Decade and Deaf Havana. Ever since their 2014 EP ‘Stay Young, Trust Me’, their sugary melodies and raspy riffs have been lending themselves to sunny afternoons in the park, cider in hand.

Opening number ‘I’m in Hell’ leads with the chorus, and it pays off as the desperate lyrics and soaring melody keep you hanging on just to hear it again. This is the sort of track that’s meant for a live set– a hands in the air, sing until your throat’s raw show. The adrenaline doesn’t let up on ‘Running Rings’, which utilises a much more pop-leaning guitar line that works to make it another highlight of the release, even if the lyrics are a little saccharine.

Things slow down towards the end, as the introspective ’24’ closes out the EP. It’s a short release and although hearing another side to the band is appreciated, the energy from the first half is missed. ‘A Fear That Comes Around’ makes a good go of showcasing all the band has to offer, but at this point it feels like it’s time for the band to release a full-length album – and we’ll be all ears when they do.


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