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From Thursday 30 October 2003

Are you jealous?

Jealous Records are to release the debut single by London’s Bullet Union on December 1. The band contains people from Dead Inside, Ursa and Shoe. The label describe the record as “two songs kind of like a mix of Dead Inside’s more poppy stuff

HR support

Twofold and Minus will support Hundred Reasons at their hastily rearranged ULU show tonight.


I’m interviewing No Use For A Name tomorrow night. If you have any questions you’d like me to add to my list please click ‘discuss this item’.

No-one remembers the first loser

Submitted: “Melodic punks A CLOSE LAST, based in Glasgow, seek new lead singer. Must be committed and jovial as gigs planned all over UK in back of small van. Get in touch via and we can send out demos. Alternatively you can hear us on the music


Word on the streets is that the Drive Thru tour will reach the UK in late January. Despite rumours going around the ‘net that it’s fully booked, dates are not yet confirmed. However, it is believed Allister and The Early November

Spring out another free download

In other major label download news, has a new Offspring track from the upcoming ‘Splinter‘ record available for download. I’ve not heard it yet, but word on the streets is not good…

Blink and you will miss it… has the new Blink 182 track ‘Violence’ up for download. Go there before it gets taken down…

Bash tickets available now!

The Big Cheese/Punktastic Xmas Bash is on December 6 at the Camden Underworld and we have a strictly limited number of tickets available in advance. They cost £6 and are pretty much the only way to guarantee entry because if it’s anything like the other bashes,

Bigger cheese

Big Cheese goes monthly from January. It’s basically been monthly this year, but officially will have 12 issues next year. That means 12 Punktastic columns! (*gets writing*)

2+2=5? You do the maths…

Ok, so The Ataris are over in February as most of you know. But according to some good sources, Rufio, Yellowcard and Fallout Boy are all planning to visit these shores in the same month (separately before anyone dreams up a super