GUEST PLAYLIST: Holding Absence

By Yasmin Brown

Since joining Holding Absence in 2018, Scott Carey has played an integral part in pushing the band forwards, even more so with the band’s new album ‘The Greatest Mistake of My Life’. We sat down with him at the Download Festival Pilot and got him thinking about some of the most influential songs from different times in his life – from lesser known bands such as Counterparts, to the biggest and most mainstream such as Justin Bieber, Carey is inspired by it all.

Check out some of his favourites below.

Song that got you through lockdown

Novo Amor, ‘Decimal’. They’re a Welsh band who – it’s like emo folk kind of thing? – but it came out kind of mid-lockdown and it was like… I love sad music and it was just perfect at encapsulating the entire album, a perfect encapsulation of the disdain for Covid. Beautiful, beautiful bit of writing, it was my most played last year. 

Song that reminds you of a family day out

I’ve gotta really think about this! It would be Neck Deep ‘In Bloom’, cause I feel like that’s a really summery song – like summery anthem, real like shimmery and just nice and makes me think of summer, so I’ll go with that!

Song that reminds you of home

Home? Ooh. Umm.. I would go with Funeral For a Friend, ‘Streetcar’ because obviously I’m Welsh, they’re Welsh.

Song that reminds you of your first festival

Slipknot, ‘Psychosocial’. Technically not my first festival but it was like the first one that I went to with my mates and you know, it was Download actually. 2013. Slipknot headlined, Biffy Clyro… 2013 so that was eight years ago, I’m 26 so I was 17 or 18.

Song that reminds you of school

Ooh school! The first one that comes to mind is Deftones ‘Back to School’. I used to love that song back in the day and it has school in the title so… 

Song you put on when you’re angry

One of my friends’ bands called Counterparts, they’ve got a song called ‘Choke’. I’m gonna go with that. The clue is in the title. No explanation necessary. 

Song that will always cheer you up

Um… You know what, that’s a really hard one because I love sad music; not because I’m like a sad person, I just really love beautiful sad music. So I don’t really listen to any happy music but I’m gonna go with the F.R.I.E.N.D.S theme tune because who doesn’t get cheered up by that? I mean you hear that song… instant day booster, that.

Favourite song of all time

That’s a great question and I’m gonna go with… Oh it’s such a great question, uh… ‘Pope’ by Copeland. It’s kind of a niche answer but yeah, beautiful. And because it’s one of the only songs I can remember hearing for the first time and really like, getting goosebumps and really feeling emotional. Copeland are a band that I’ve loved for a long time but they put out an album in 2014 and like they kind of broke up and kind of fell off the wagon a bit. And then out of nowhere they put out this album and the first song on the album is called ‘Cope’ and it’s just a beautiful piece of music. I cried the first time I listened to it cause I was like, “This band I used to love are back and it’s better than ever”. 

Favourite song of this year?

This year? I’m gonna be really cheeky and say ‘Celebration Song’ by Holding Absence! No, I’m gonna go with – ah I’m gonna go with um, Hayley Williams. Her album. I’m trying to think of my favourite song because that’s my album of the year so far. Oh you know what, no, I’m going to go with, um, Justin Bieber and I’m gonna go with… There are so many good songs on that album! I’m gonna go with Justin Bieber, ‘Purpose’. Yeah joint album of the year with Hayley Williams. Fantastic album. Love Justin Bieber. What an incredible artist. Inspirational. 

A song that people might not expect you to enjoy

[Laughs] I’m gonna go with Justin Bieber, ‘Purpose’. I tell you what, I’ll go ‘Flowers for Vases’ for this year and Justin Bieber, ‘Purpose’ for this.

Check out the new album, ‘The Greatest Mistake of My Life’ by Holding Absence now.