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From Tuesday 23 January 2024

Frank Carter And The Rattlesnakes – ‘Dark Rainbow’

Frank Carter and the Rattlesnakes have turned a contemplative corner. If 2021’s ‘Sticky’ was the sound of daring someone to fight you down a back alleyway outside a bar, then ‘Dark Rainbow’, their newest album, is the soundtrack to several hours after that fight when everyone’s feeling a bit

From Friday 12 May 2023

The Acacia Strain – Step Into The Light

Across 22 years and 10 albums, deathcore crew The Acacia Strain have established themselves at the top of the festering pile of unbridled aural brutality that they helped usher in. By this point, their pulverising brand of downtuned dissonance has become an unstoppable beast and time after time, they

The Acacia Strain – Failure Will Follow

Across 22 years and 10 albums, deathcore crew The Acacia Strain has established themselves at the top of the festering pile of unbridled aural brutality that they have ushered in. By this point, they’ve earned creative license to do what they want, so when they announced two new albums

From Thursday 04 May 2023

DRAIN – ‘Living Proof’

Hardcore is enjoying an unexpected but very real moment in the spotlight. What was once a genre confined to sweaty basements has catapulted back into the public consciousness in a massive way with both Turnstile and Code Orange even receiving Grammy nominations in recent years. Knocked Loose also recently

From Friday 02 September 2022

Armor For Sleep – ‘The Rain Museum’

We’re going to talk about concept records so let’s choose a concept for this review; time capsules. Think about it. They’re an ideal way to describe an album; a brief period in an artist’s life, written, recorded and captured. Listen back and you can hear the creative

From Thursday 23 July 2020

The Acacia Strain – ‘Slow Decay’

A lot of bands are full of rage and anger – especially in the metal community – but you’d be hard pressed to find a band harbouring more of that disgust than The Acacia Strain. The Massachusetts bruisers have been cursing the world and everything in it for

From Friday 27 March 2020

Birthmarks – ‘…And Then the Rain Stopped’

There’s something to be said for a good genre fusion between rock and electronic, though neither side will be the first to admit it (until someone figures out how to create the perfect death metal-techno album, the eternal war between metalheads and ravers will continue). Some of

From Thursday 27 February 2020

Four Year Strong – ‘Brain Pain’

When it comes to discographies, there are few with such a consistent reputation for excellence as Four Year Strong. From the moment they exploded with ‘Rise Or Die Trying’ in 2007, the masters of riff have filled our ears with majestic anthems and breakdown fests – even a slight

From Tuesday 04 February 2020

LIVE: Cory Wells / Luke Rainsford @ Gullivers, Manchester

Nothing says Sunday night like a dark, humid room above a pub in Manchester’s Northern Quarter, filled with people in black t-shirts and beanies clutching increasingly warm pints. Well, maybe not to some, but to music fans, this is our odd sort of heaven – and drawing us out

From Tuesday 12 November 2019

False Advertising – ‘Brainfreeze’

It’s not often bands form via open-mic nights, but that’s exactly how False Advertising got started. Both Jen Hingley and Chris Warr were heavily involved in the circuit in Manchester, often duetting together. With bassist Josh Sellers involved, the early version of False Advertising fell through after trying to