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From Thursday 23 December 2021

LIVE: Black Foxxes @ The Portland Arms, Cambridge

There’s truly nothing more exciting than watching something so undeniably extraordinary unfurl before your eyes, and tonight’s show at this local pub venue in Cambridge offers exactly that. From the moment they take to the stage, Mark Holley and his friends are not just performing – they’re

Black Foxxes, Neve @ The Joiners, Southampton

From Friday 30 October 2020

Black Foxxes – ‘Black Foxxes’

If there’s ever going to be an album that’s the musical equivalent of stripping off and running into the ocean, Black Foxxes’ third and self-titled record is it. Made up of nine phenomenal tracks, this record sees front man and only remaining founding member Mark Holley laid

From Monday 03 December 2018

Dashboard Confessional, Black Foxxes @ KOKO

LIVE: Dashboard Confessional / Black Foxxes @ Academy 2, Manchester

Ten years is… well, it’s a long time. If you were to suggest that an artist could essentially disappear for the best part of that time and still maintain a fan base, few would believe you – and for the first fifteen minutes or so after doors opened to

From Tuesday 25 September 2018

Black Foxxes release VADA studios version of ‘Oh, It Had to Be You’

Just a few weeks after releasing their take on The Cure’s ‘Lovesong’, Black Foxxes have now treated us to a stunning and emotional live studio version of ‘Oh, It Had to Be You’, a fan favourite from the band’s second album, reiði. The song is one that resonated with fans immediately

From Thursday 05 April 2018

LIVE: Black Foxxes @ The Key Club, Leeds

The intimate surroundings of Leeds’ Key Club seem a world away from the frozen, expansive landscape of the Icelandic countryside but they are about to be brought together. Wandering through the Nordic wilderness provided the inspiration for Black Foxxes’ front man Mark Holley to begin penning the

Black Foxxes, Bloody Knees & Emily Isherwood @ The Key Club, Leeds

From Friday 16 March 2018

Black Foxxes – ‘Reiði’

It’s rare that rock bands make such a powerful first impression, but it’s safe to say Black Foxxes have made their mark on the British rock scene. Now, with ‘Reiði’ firmly in our hands, it’s easy to see a future in which Black Foxxes effortlessly gain international

From Sunday 10 December 2017

Black Foxxes release video for ‘Sæla’ plus UK tour

Black Foxxes have shared a video for their new song, ‘Sæla’. It is taken from their upcoming second album, ‘Reiði’, which will be released on the 16th March 2018 via Search & Destroy Records. Pre-orders are available here. The band are also going on a UK tour next year via