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From Wednesday 06 March 2019

Black Flag announce UK tour

Legendary hardcore punks Black Flag have announced a string of autumn UK shows with support from Total Chaos. Formed in Hermosa Beach, California in 1976 by guitarist, primary songwriter and sole continuous member Greg Ginn, they have been the persistent presence in punk and hardcore for a generation. Their iconic

From Tuesday 10 December 2013

Black Flag – ‘What The…’

Let’s be honest. Trying to get heads around the Black Flag/Flag thing was difficult enough without bringing new material from one of them into it, and with the departure of vocalist Ron Reyes from the current “Black Flag” incarnation following the release of ‘What The…’, you really do have

From Wednesday 27 November 2013

Ron Reyes leaves recently reformed Black Flag

Plagued by negative press, the newly reformed Black Flag are having a tough time of it lately. Following Greg Ginn’s unsuccessfully high-profile court case claiming rights to the Black Flag moniker and logo, frontman Ron Reyes has now confirmed he will no longer be involved in the reunion.

From Sunday 27 October 2013

Black Flag unveil first album in 28 years

After having his motion for preliminary injunction denied in regard to rights over the Black Flag name and logo, Greg Ginn is preparing to shake it off with the release of the band’s seventh full-length, and their first since 1985’s ‘In My Head’. Entitled ‘What The’, the new album

From Friday 03 May 2013

Ron Reyes’ Black Flag post new song online

Ron Reyes’ incarnation of Black Flag have posted the first new song online under the Black Flag moniker in a very long time. ‘Down In The Dirt’ is available for free download now, and you can get it from

From Friday 26 April 2013

Coliseum tour preview: Top 5 Black Flag songs

Coliseum begin their UK tour tomorrow and with (Black) Flag hitting up Groezrock this weekend, we caught up with Ryan from the band to go through his top 5 Black Flag songs as a preview to the ferocious week the band have ahead of them. 1. “I’ve Heard It Before”

From Friday 25 January 2013

Hevy Fest announces Black Flag

Yes, you read that right. Not only are Black Flag reforming, they’re set to play this year’s Hevy Fest as their only UK performance, fronted by Ron Reyes. We’ll let you soak that one in a bit… There are 80 bands left to announce for the festival, and you can

From Sunday 15 June 2008

Punktastic podcast 13 – Mike Scott, KIGH, Black Flag…

Punktastic Podcast 13 is now available here: Guest presented by Mike Scott and features music from Black Flag, Consumed, Our Time Down Here, The Starting Line, Valencia, We Are Tokyo and a brand new

From Wednesday 11 May 2005

Rise Against wave a black flag

Taken from “Rise Against is gonna be in the movie Lords Of Dogtown. They’re going to be playing as Black Flag and covering one of their songs, which will also be on the soundtrack.”

From Friday 18 March 2005

Black flagged misfit rumour

Rumour has it that the misfits will be coming over for an intimate venue tour in early july, featuring Marky Ramone and Dez Cadena in the line up.