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From Monday 08 January 2018

A Perfect Circle stream new song, ‘Disillusioned’

A Perfect Circle, the alt rock project of Tool’s Maynard James Keenan, have shared their newest song, ‘Disillusioned’. It is taken from their upcoming fourth yet to be titled album, which will be released later this year via BMG. The song will also be released on a limited edition 10″

From Monday 30 October 2017

A Perfect Circle announce two UK shows

A Perfect Circle have announced that they will be playing two UK shows in June next year. The alt rockers, who feature Tool’s Maynard James Keenan, will be releasing their upcoming yet to be titled fourth album in 2018 via BMG. They recently shared the first single ‘Doomed’, which you

From Tuesday 24 October 2017

A Perfect Circle share new song, ‘The Doomed’

A Perfect Circle, the other band of Tool’s Maynard James Keenan, have released their new song, ‘The Doomed’. This is the band’s first new material since their 2005 album ‘eMOTIVe’. It is taken from their forthcoming yet to be title fourth album, which will be released in 2018 via BMG.

From Thursday 30 March 2017

A Perfect Circle begin work on new album

While many Maynard James Keenan fans are awaiting a new album from Tool, we can rest easy in knowing that A Perfect Circle have begun work on their fourth album. The band have signed a deal with BMG, and the label has announce that there will be a new record

From Tuesday 28 March 2017

LIVE: Russian Circles / Cloakroom @ Heaven, London

Putting the word ‘post’ in front of a genre is a bone of contention for a lot of musicians. What does it really mean? Does it really mean anything? Who knows. One thing that is blindingly obvious, whether they are post-rock or post-metal, is that Russian Circles are masters

From Tuesday 29 March 2016

World Be Free – ‘The Anti-Circle’

Although it doesn’t happen to everyone, it’s often easy to become jaded with hardcore. The longer you have been listening to it, the more you notice cookie-cutter bands that are basically style over substance, and you start to feel that the message has been lost along the way. While

From Thursday 23 October 2014

Hang The Bastard – Sex In The Seventh Circle

West London’s Hang The Bastard have been a band since 2007, though they’ve not been the most prolific songwriters, having only released one full length album so far in their career, they’re back with their long-awaited followup, ‘Sex In The Seventh Circle’. Having had two previous vocalists, HTB

From Wednesday 09 January 2013

Circle Takes The Square – ‘Decompositions: Volume One’

Guns ‘N Roses. My Bloody Valentine. Godspeed You! Black Emperor. Glassjaw. What do they all have in common? Answer: They all released landmark, genre-defining records before subsequently taking aeons to release another album. 8 years since the release of ‘As The Roots Undo’ – widely considered a magnum opus

From Thursday 23 August 2012

Circles – ‘Circles’

Circles open their self-titled EP with ‘…And I Called For Revolution’, which is very reminiscent of The Cure’s ‘Plainsong’ with the repetitive, soaring melodies. Circles describe themselves as a band that “make noises, record them and play them live.” Non-serious as that comment was, those noises can manage to

From Saturday 17 October 2009

The Remnants – Circles

I don’t need to write a long review for this one – this three-tracker is a bloody blinder. If you like really poppy pop-punk with a mid 90s So-Cal vibe to it, then you will love The Remnants. They remind me of early Green Day