Reviews from Friday 28 October 2016

Set It Off – ‘Upside Down’

When a band talks about how, during recording, they’ve been breaking down genre walls and have taken influences from all over the musical spectrum, it can sometimes feel more like a PR exercise to drum up publicity and interest. Certainly the way that ‘Something New’, co-written with

John K. Samson – ‘Winter Wheat’

Few indie bands have cultivated a following quite like The Weakerthans. They have become a Canadian institution, largely due to primary songwriter John K. Samson’s ability to combine sublime music and inviting storytelling to great effect. Now on his third solo album, ‘Winter Wheat’, Samson has borrowed heavily from

LIVE: The Pretty Reckless @ Scala, London

Formed back in 2009 American hard rockers The Pretty Reckless may have undergone a few lineup changes in their time and even a name change but that hasn’t stopped them accruing an army of fans. It’s been nearly two years since Taylor Momsen and co were last on UK

Thursday 27 October 2016

The Sword – ‘Low Country’

There’s a school of thought that suggests the true test of a great song is that it can be stripped down to its bare bones and still have the same impact. Texan riff-mongers The Sword have taken this idea and run with it on their latest release ‘Low Country’,

Heriot – World Collapse

‘World Collapse’ is a change of direction for Heriot, departing from their heavy-hardcore roots to produce an easily accessible, engaging and abundantly experimental release. For the most part their hardcore influences are put to one side to focus wholeheartedly on metal and it certainly changes things up. An epic opener in every

Wednesday 26 October 2016

COVE – ‘We Were Once Lost’

Formed in the last few months of 2015, COVE have always strived to create massive tracks, featuring huge grooves and dominant, compelling riffs. By teaming up with producer Oz Craggs of Feed the Rhino, this quintet have done just that with their latest release ‘We Were Once Lost’. Intro ‘…’

LIVE: Of Mice & Men @ O2 Forum, Kentish Town

Fresh of the back of their fourth studio release ‘Cold World’ the follow up to 2014’s epic ‘Restoring Force’ Orange County rockers Of Mice & Men roll through London on their now ill-fated UK tour. Of course that tour has now been postponed mid-way through due to singer Austin

The Lion and the Wolf – ‘The Cardiac Hotel’

The Lion and the Wolf, aka Thomas George, is Thomas’ brainchild and was the reason he quit full-time work in early 2014. It may have been a risky move, but it’s one that has paid off so well – Thomas has performed at prestigious festivals such as Isle of

Tuesday 25 October 2016

Of Mice & Men – ‘Cold World’

Of Mice & Men have made a huge impression since their inception in 2009. Their personable, emotional lyrics combined with meaty riffs and thunderous drum work have created some incredible albums, in particular their debut self-titled. However, despite the strength and loyalty of their fan base, not all their albums

LIVE: Pity Sex / Eugene Quell @ The Oslo, London

Another weekday, another night where six decent gigs all happen to clash with each other. In Pity Sex’s defence they had a decent run playing The Great Escape festival in Brighton, and a stint at Kingston’s Banquet Records in 2015. The departure of Britty Drake earlier this year was heart-breaking

RavenEye – ‘Nova’

It’s finally here! An album that has been highly anticipated since last year’s critically acclaimed EP ‘Breaking Out’. These boys have been smashing it overseas with Zodiac, using the excitement of their impending debut album to fuel their lengthy tour of Europe. ‘Wanna Feel You’ kicks the album off powerfully with its bluesy

Monday 24 October 2016

FOES – ‘The Summit Lies Skyward’

Recently, Liverpudlian quartet FOES have been creating a brand new, exciting type of atmospheric rock. Their EPs ‘Ophir’ and ‘Antecedence’ were released to critical acclaim and allowed the group a place on some incredible tours, both headlining and sharing the stage along the likes of Bad Sign, Dead Letter Circus

Super Unison – ‘Auto’

After releasing a crushing debut EP in 2015, Oakland’s Super Unison deliver more than just standard post-hardcore with full-length ‘Auto’. This recent addition to Deathwish Inc.’s impossibly perfect collection of talented artists effortlessly blurs the lines of all things “post.” The album’s socio-political themes and perfectly planned guitar work shift and evolve, tunneling through

Sunday 23 October 2016

Trade Wind – ‘You Make Everything Disappear’

Sometimes the idea of a “super-group” is better than the final product. Sadly, that rings true for Trade Wind, whose debut album, ‘You Make Everything Disappear’ is a lacklustre effort that’s deprived of any real passion despite the subject matter. Featuring Jesse Barnett (Stick To Your Guns) and Tom

LIVE: Wovenhand / Emma Ruth Rundle @ The Dome, London

Californian label, Sargent House has been responsible for a lot of things over the last few years, but mainly, for discovering and pushing some of the most innovative and talented artists. More often than not, the bands on the label will tour together, and when they come to town,

Saturday 22 October 2016

Jimmy Eat World – ‘Integrity Blues’

Why do we still care about Jimmy Eat World? Throw their name out in a conversation and you’ll be met with an equal amount of “Oh, Clarity was their best album” and “I’ve never really liked them”, a choice between disinterest and an album that came out 1999. If

Friday 21 October 2016

Dead To Me – ‘I Wanna Die In Los Angeles’

Who isn’t a sucker for great, bouncy, melodic music that has an edge? And even more so when the lyrics to those happy sounding songs hide darkness and pain? That’s the magic of Dead To Me and it’s on display in this, the band’s first new release in five

Totorro – ‘Come To Mexico’

Two years after their exceptional debut LP ‘Home Alone’, Totorro return with ‘Come To Mexico’ and, man, what an absolute joy it is to have them back. ‘Come To Mexico’ launches Totorro to the forefront of the ever-growing math-rock scene, and the four-piece from Rennes prove that having fun

Thursday 20 October 2016

Breathe In The Silence – ‘Hold My Heart’

Bridgend in South Wales is home to some of the UK’s most prolific alternative bands, such as Funeral For A Friend, Hondo Mclean and Bullet For My Valentine. Now it’s home to one more, Breathe In The Silence. September saw the release of the Welsh quintet’s debut EP ‘Hold

LIVE: Trap Them / Okkultokrati / Venom Prison / Employed To Serve @ Boston Music Room, London

Sometimes gigs on a Monday night can end up being involuntarily intimate. Especially when it’s been pissing down with rain for the past few hours, fighting the rush hour traffic to get to a gig is not often the top of people’s ‘to do’ lists. Tonight however is the

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