Reviews from Wednesday 22 February 2017

LIVE: Trivium / Sikth / SHVPES @ The Roundhouse, London

Trivium’s sold-out headline show at The Roundhouse was explosive. Supported by SikTh and SHVPES, Trivium lit the Roundhouse up with a sixteen track set that spanned from 2015’s ‘Silence in the Snow’ all the way back to 2005’s ‘Acendancy’. Their set included the absolute roarers of

Decade – ‘Pleasantries’

“You are just a human being,” Decade remind us in the opening track (‘Human Being’) of their new release ‘Pleasantries’. Simple advice it may seem, but a message we need reminding of more often than we might think. The refrain is accompanied by a sunny chorus, not dissimilar from

Tuesday 21 February 2017

The History Of Colour TV – ‘Something Like Eternity’

When it comes to shoegaze, the genre can be somewhat difficult to talk about without mentioning the genre’s pioneers; namely, Slowdive, My Bloody Valentine, Jesus And The Mary Chain etc., simply because its a very distinct sound to mimic. Artists like Ringo Deathstarr and DIIV proudly replicate their ’90s

Danny Worsnop – ‘The Long Road Home’

Recently returned lead singer of Asking Alexandria Danny Worsnop makes a drastic change of direction with his first solo album. Country albums are normally filled with tales of bars, whiskey and girls and, as you’d expect, Worsnop has more than a few of those. The album itself gets of to

Monday 20 February 2017

Light The Way – ‘Grace’

Without the luxury of a well-honed sound to fall back on or a sizeable fanbase eagerly awaiting every new song, it can be hard for any band to create interest ahead of launching their debut EP. Light The Way have signed to Indie Vision Music for the

LIVE: American Football / Into It. Over It. @ Shepherds Bush Empire, London

When American Football released their second LP in 2016, they finally took us through the door of the house that adorned their seminal debut 17 years prior. They picked up where they left off and made it feel like just yesterday they become the unintentional poster boys for emotional

Meat Wave – ‘The Incessant’

Chris Sutter seems to be looking over his shoulder a lot. There’s something matching his footsteps, something that he can’t quite place, an “anxious doom” demanding “payment due,” shapelessly shifting, “coming for you”. It’s nameless, but he calls it ‘The Incessant,’ on the title track of this

Friday 17 February 2017

LIVE: The Interrupters / The Bar Stool Preachers @ The Dome, London

Playing arenas every night is the dream for many bands. It’s one not many get to accomplish but for Californian four-piece The Interrupters, they have got to live out their dream. Having supported Green Day every night on their huge European tour, they’ve played their take on ska

Thursday 16 February 2017

Ghost Iris – ‘Blind World’

Danish quartet Ghost Iris return with ‘Blind World’, a ten-track masterclass in tech-metal that combines the polar opposites of crunching heaviness with soaring melody to form irresistible vocal hooks wrapped around brutally massive riffs. Wasting absolutely no time getting stuck in, first track ‘Gods of Neglect’ is blisteringly heavy. The

Alter Eden – ‘Tigers & Lambs’

‘Tigers & Lambs’ may only be the second EP from Midlands four-piece Alter Eden but straight from the off it provides an incredibly polished sound that some bands can only hope to achieve. Their blend of melodic vocals and enticing riffs are an almost perfect fit and

LIVE: Green Day @ The O2 Arena, London

It’s been a while since the punk rock phenomenon that is Green Day graced us with their presence. They haven’t set foot on UK shores since back in 2013 when they headlined Reading & Leeds festivals. Last year however saw the release of the first new material from the

LIVE: Kevin Devine & The Goddamn Band / Laura Stevenson / Lion & The Wolf @ The Dome, London

Ever since playing his first UK show, supporting a death metal band above a tiny pub way back in 2002, Kevin Devine has carved out the kind of dedicated audience, only the most prolific, sincere of songwriters manage to. A lot has happened since then too. In 2007 Devine signed with Capitol

Wednesday 15 February 2017

Ghost Key – ‘If I Don’t Make It’

Ghost Key, as a hardcore band, are already in a saturated market but ‘If I Don’t Make It’ is set to label them as ones to watch and it won’t be long before they’re wriggling above the flood of other similar artists and surfing safely

Tuesday 14 February 2017

Darko ‘Bonsai Mammoth’

‘Life Forms’ is a delicate start to a punk rock album but the ferocious dual guitar and punching drums quickly bring about the musical substance fit for a narrative that is surmised by ‘I don’t wanna be a part of it, I don’t fucking care’, an ode to the

Monday 13 February 2017

LIVE: The Wonder Years / PUP / Trash Boat / Tiny Moving Parts @ KOKO, London

Tiny Moving Parts began the night with a tight set that sounded incredibly full for a three piece, with the band combining their math and emo sound with their pop-punk infused sing-along choruses seamlessly. Lead guitarist Dylan Mattheisen exuded a clear sense of joy as he played

LIVE: Black Peaks @ Rock City (Basement), Nottingham

It’s been almost a year since Black Peaks released ‘Statues’ and judging by the number of people crammed shoulder to shoulder inside the Basement of Nottingham’s Rock City, their phenomenal debut album did not go unnoticed. Those who own a copy have obviously heard Black Peaks, but

Friday 10 February 2017

Group Of Man – ‘World Peace Champions’

‘We Are Good People’, claimed the title of UK post-hardcore troupe Group Of Man’s 2015 debut EP. Its follow up, released in January 2017, goes by the name ‘World Peace Champions’. It seems that Group Of Man have quite the high opinions of themselves (or are just

blanket – ‘Our Brief Encounters’

Do you remember those music lessons at school where you were asked to write down the images and feelings provoked by a piece of music? blanket’s ‘Our Brief Encounters’ is so cinematic that you can’t help but instinctively repeat that same exercise as you listen through the

Thursday 09 February 2017

Wiegedood – ‘De Doden Hebben Het Goed II’

Amenra are one of the most powerful and important underground bands of the last 20 years. It’s a bold statement, but one that cannot be ignored. Their influence as artists spreads far and wide across the European heavy music scene, so much so that an entire collective

Wednesday 08 February 2017

LIVE: Arcane Roots @ Bush Hall, London

Arcane Roots have been one of the best ‘underground’ bands in the UK for a long time now. Admittedly, they’ve written some killer tracks (listen to ‘When Did the Taste Leave Your Mouth’ and you’ll understand) as well as tour with power houses like Muse, but they’ve never really

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