Reviews from Monday 16 January 2017

LIVE: Yellowcard / Normandie / Kenneths @ Stylus, Leeds

Trying to wind down a career of almost twenty years isn’t easy. Playing music with the same dudes in sweaty basements, cramped vans and festival appearances for a timespan greater than the age of some audience members must take its toll. So, it’s with an air of grace that

Spill – ‘Top Ten’

Spill’s debut ‘Top Ten’ is a bouncing and optimistic antidote to these cold winter months and dismal times we find ourselves in. Ten tracks full of catchy choruses and riffs that will stick in your head for days, ‘Top Ten’ is a remarkably assured record from the four piece

Sunday 15 January 2017

Tequila Mockingbyrd – ‘Fight And Flight’

You have to tip your hat in admiration to the Tequila Mockingbyrd girls: firstly, for coming up with such a great name for a band and, secondly, for throwing in the substitute Y so they can be found easily on the internet. The Aussie trio also recently sold up everything

Beyond Recall – ‘Selfish Scars’

There are many reasons why musicians create music. Some are motivated by creating something unique and original, some have a political or social agenda they want to express, others may simply enjoy displaying their talents, and some just want to have a damn good time. Beyond Recall definitely fall

Friday 13 January 2017

Joan of Arc – ‘He’s Got The Whole This Land Is Your Land In His Hands’

One of Tim Kinsella’s off again/on again projects (including Cap’n Jazz and Owls, amongst others), Joan of Arc has always been more experimental than the other bands. They have evolved from their earliest days as a straightforward indie group with interesting song structures into one that features a more

Thursday 12 January 2017

Saviour – ‘Let Me Leave’

Australian six-piece Saviour released their debut album ‘First Light To My Deathbed’ back in 2013 but went on hiatus soon after. ‘Let Me Leave’ sees the band reinvent themselves with a refreshed line-up and demonstrates enough quality to confirm that the project is worth investing more time

Jupiter Hollow – ‘Odyssey’

In typical prog-rock fashion, Jupiter Hollow begin their futuristic, debut concept EP with a journey through various moods, styles and dynamics. Opening with a driving riff that would’ve been at home on Tool’s ‘10,000 Days’, the track moves into Rush territory thanks to the Geddy Lee-style vocals,

Wednesday 11 January 2017

LIVE: Korn / Limp Bizkit @ The SSE Arena, Wembley

Looking at tonight’s line up, you could be forgiven for thinking we’ve been transported back to the late 90s. Korn and Limp Bizkit were pioneers of the Nu Metal scene. both enjoying success on a global scale. Whilst Limp Bizkit haven’t released any material for a few years, tonights

Gone Is Gone – ‘Echolocation’

The term ‘supergroup’ is one which is banded about all too easily these days. It’s pretty much used to define any band containing members from successful backgrounds. Once in a while a band emerges on to the scene from prestigious beginnings and Gone is Gone are one

Tuesday 10 January 2017

LIVE: Bullet For My Valentine / Killswitch Engage / Cane Hill @ O2 Academy, Brixton

At one time, Bullet for my Valentine were heralded as the saviours of British metal. Their debut album,’The Poison’, burst onto the scene 12 years and was followed up by the hugely successful career. The band toured solidly, amassing an army of fans. A lot of things have changed

Code Orange – ‘Forever’

It can sometimes take years for a band to find a sound that is truly their own; the type of sound that as soon as you hear it, you know who it is. Code Orange have managed it in a relatively short period of time. While they have progressed

Monday 09 January 2017

LIVE: Beartooth @ O2 Empire, Shepherds Bush

In their relatively short career, Beartooth have taken the rock scene by the scruff of the neck and thrust themselves in to the centre of it all. The band only formed back in 2012 by vocalist Caleb Shomo, but have already supported Slipknot, played Reading & Leeds festival and even

Dropkick Murphys – ’11 Short Stories Of Pain & Glory’

With drums, strings and whistles heralding the arrival of ‘The Lonesome Boatman’, soon giving way to crushing distorted guitars and gang vocals, Boston’s Dropkick Murphys set the scene for ‘11 Short Stories Of Pain & Glory’, their ninth album. Borne out of recent tragedies and the band’s

Sunday 08 January 2017

You Me At Six – ‘Night People’

After the 2014 release of ‘Cavalier Youth’, Surrey quintet You Me At Six went rather quiet. Once the initial album release tours and shows were complete, they seemed to fall off the face of the planet – but they only did so in order to write and record their

Friday 06 January 2017

Chasing Safety – ‘Nomad’

If there was a book called “How to Create Your Debut Album: Post Hardcore Edition”, Chasing Safety’s ‘Nomad’ would undoubtedly be the sample record stuck to the back cover. Across eleven tracks, the band manage to cover everything the genre has become known for in recent years; from strong

Thursday 05 January 2017

Brutai – ‘Born’

Brutai seem to have popped up out of nowhere to a huge round of applause. Aside from those who religiously visit Tech Fest, not many people talked about them, and now here we are: a debut album on Transcend Music, Radio 1 play,

Tuesday 03 January 2017

LIVE: Black Stone Cherry @ O2 Empire, Shepherds Bush

It hasn’t been long since Kentucky rockers, Black Stone Cherry, were last on U.K. soil. Having toured back at the start of the year, they played some of the biggest arenas up and down the country, but this time around they’ve opted for a somewhat more intimate set of

Saturday 24 December 2016

LIVE: Wonk Unit / A Fish Called Bastard / The Crash Mats / Aerial Salad @ Retro Bar, Manchester

In support of their new album, ‘Mr Splashy’, Wonk Unit spread their blend of organised chaos across Europe, the USA and finished in dear old Blighty. Supporting them on the bill of their Manchester gig was a trio of local bands. Aerial Salad kicked things off

Friday 23 December 2016

From Rust – ‘Lost Sense of Life’

Metalcore is saturated and ridiculed. It comes with a tough crowd to please, and the odds are stacked against those who dream of making an impact. Despite this, Britain is still pretty good at plucking out a jewel and giving them a polish, so the hopefuls continue to queue

LIVE: Clutch / Valient Thorr @ Camden Roundhouse, London

As 2016 draws to a close, a lot of people are more than happy to say goodbye to what has been a year of mixed emotions and shocking surprises. Not tonight though, everyone is in high spirits as US mountain rockers Clutch bring their electrifying live show to the Roundhouse

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