Reviews from Thursday 08 December 2016

LIVE: Metallica @ House of Vans, London

On the day the thrash metal giants release their first album in almost 8 years, we were lucky enough to be part of 600 people in attendance at the most sought after show in London. Nearly 100,000 people have applied to be here tonight, enough to sell out any venue

Enemies – ‘Valuables’

All things must come to an end. It’s one of the only certainties we have in life. But, endings don’t always have to be negative, bitter experiences. They can be joyous, celebratory, triumphant. ‘Valuables’, the final album from Enemies is just that. After almost a decade of writing, recording and

Wednesday 07 December 2016

LIVE: Muncie Girls / Happy Accidents – The Underworld, London

Happy Accidents look just delighted this evening. Frontman Rich Mandell has the ecstatic grin of someone who’s recently undergone a full sad-ectomy and his visible enthusiasm radiates from the Underworld’s stage, infecting the growing crowd. The London trio are apparently certified experts in having, and facilitating, fun. While we

LIVE: Slaves @ O2 Empire, Shepherds Bush

2016 has been a huge year for Slaves, not only have they released their critically acclaimed second album which reached the top 10 in the UK but they’ve also embarked on their biggest tour to date which has seen them blast through city after city across the country. Tonight

Monday 05 December 2016

The So So Glos – ‘Kamikaze’

New York’s The So So Glos are back with their mix of bratty indie-punk for their fourth record ‘Kamikaze’. Drawing on equal parts from Leftover Crack’s anarchic rock and The Strokes’ refined riffs, with their own garage-punk inflections, the physicality New York pervades all throughout ‘Kamikaze’, as

Conspire – ‘The Scenic Route’

Florida quintet Conspire have been likened to melodic hardcore heavyweights Being As An Ocean, the alternative rock of Balance and Composure, and the post-hardcore beauty of Touché Amore. And with the release of their stunning album ‘The Scenic Route’, it’s easy to see why – they capture the moving

Sunday 04 December 2016

FALLS – ‘Cream’

By the end of 2016 Falls will have released two EPs, completed multiple tours and spread the righteous word of their funky rhythms right cross the UK. But the question is, could their second EP of the year stack up to the whimsical rowdiness of ‘One Hundred Percent Strong’? Out

LIVE: The Cure @ Wembley Arena, London

When you think of The Cure a number of adjectives come to mind; iconic, legendary, and countless other are often thrown around to describe Crawley’s finest export. The difference is that when you use those words in conjunction with The Cure it rings true. They have been one of

Friday 02 December 2016

LIVE: Owen @ St Pancras Old Church, London

It’s strange to think that Mike Kinsella has so much to offer one of the oldest sites of Christian worship in dusty old England. Tonight, the first of two insanely intimate performances inside St Pancras Old Church, a building in existence since the start of the 9th Century, promises

Busted – ‘Night Driver’

Anyone shuddering at the thought of Charlie, James, and Matt, now in their 30s, adhering to nostalgia and thrashing out twelve mindless pop songs about teenage teacher fantasies and an underwater future, will be relieved that ‘Night Driver’ couldn’t be further from anything the band managed over a decade

LIVE: Biffy Clyro / Brand New @ SSE Hydro, Glasgow

“Home sweet home.” That’s how Biffy’s Simon Neil described the SSE Hydro on a Baltic Tuesday night. Surprisingly, considering they’ve been well and truly adopted by the city (although originally from Kilmarnock), Biffy Clyro have never played the SSE Hydro in Glasgow before. Settling in to the latest venue

LIVE: Boston Manor / Can’t Swim @ Boston Music Room, London

2016 has been a hell of a year for Blackpool’s Boston Manor, and tonight is the perfect celebration of all that they’ve achieved. Their vibrant and dynamic debut album ‘Be Nothing.’ was a huge hit, and they’ve taken bold step after bold step. Tours in both the UK

Thursday 01 December 2016

LITE – ‘Cubic’

It only takes the first two minutes of ‘Cubic’ to convince you that Japanese math-rock quartet LITE are worthy of your time. As the brain-scrambling riff of opener ‘Else’ wanders agnostically through time-signatures, the technical proficiency alone is worthy of admiration, but more remarkable is the way the band

Celeb Car Crash – ‘People Are The Best Show’

Influenced by grunge and alternative rock, ‘People Are The Best Show’ is Celeb Car Crash’s second studio album. First single ‘Let Me In’, with its filthy guitars and Michelangelo Naldini’s dynamic drumming, is a perfect opening to a hard-hitting rock record. ‘Outdone’ is an absolute belter

Wednesday 30 November 2016

Ion Dissonance – ‘Cast The First Stone’

There are a lot of different synonyms for “angry”. You’ve probably read all of them at some point if you read a lot of heavy music reviews (we’re a pretty angry bunch). Imagine taking all of those words, scrunching them up, putting that ball of anger in the heart

Vanishing Life – ‘Surveillance’

‘Punk rock’ and ‘super groups’ are two concepts that, when uttered in the same sentence, create a wave of anguish that washes over the listener with the expectation of disappointment. For every Fugazi or OFF!, there’s the crushing mediocrity of an Audioslave or Velvet Revolver, so it’s a

Tuesday 29 November 2016

Diamond Days – ‘The Death Of Us’

Sometimes all you want is an EP. An explosion of energy that’s short enough to listen to once or twice on the commute to work, a great EP can brighten up the dullest moments and transform the banal and ordinary in to an inspiring or interesting experience. Diamond Days,

Black Orchid Empire – ‘Archetype’

Earlier this year, London-based trio Black Orchid Empire exploded onto the scene and captivated hearts with their singles ‘God Is Awake’ and ‘Come In’. Those two releases gained the band critical acclaim, with people likening them to arena-heavyweights Muse and Biffy Clyro, and saw expectations rise further for the

Monday 28 November 2016

Sibling – ‘Miserable Love’

It’s always an absolute thrill when a brand new band come racing out of the gates armed with some fantastic material to release. And that’s where Sibling step in. Rising out of the ashes of what was once Hindsights, this trio come together to bring their debut EP ‘Miserable

Saturday 26 November 2016

Witchery – ‘In His Infernal Majesty’s Service’

It’s been 6 agonising years since Sweden’s blackened thrash-meisters Witchery last unleashed their brand of furious devilment upon the world with 2010’s ‘Witchkreig’. That’s a long time for any band to wait between releases, and though Witchery have remained a vital staple of the world’s live circuit,

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