The Reviews for Monday 08 February 2016

Catch Fire – ‘The Distance I Am From You’

Pop-punk has long been considered a predominantly American genre since its rise to prominence with bands like Blink-182, Simple Plan, and New Found Glory in the late 90’s and early 2000’s. However, the past couple of years has seen a rise in popular British acts like Neck Deep and

Sunday 07 February 2016

SWMRS – ‘Drive North’

Californian four-piece SWMRS have come a long way since their Emily’s Army days, a venture that saw them don matching outfits for a somewhat kitsch appearance at Reading and Leeds Festival a few years back. ‘Drive North’, their debut full-length in their latest incarnation, is a new beast. The

Friday 05 February 2016

Lacey – ‘I Don’t Owe the World a Thing’

With soaring choruses and a sound to rival some of the chart’s most popular bands, Lacey are a surprise addition to a bouncy pop punk tour with Bowling for Soup. There’s nothing cheery about this release, however, as ‘I Don’t Owe The World A Thing’ is an EP that’s

Thursday 04 February 2016

FARRO – ‘Walkways’

One day in the future we’ll look back and remember Paramore as the band that (almost) everyone left; a shame really as they’ve made some cracking songs. Reassuringly, all was not lost when the Farro brothers left in the midst of a controversy that centred around Hayley Williams. Now

Wednesday 03 February 2016

Tuff Love – ‘Resort’

Tuff Love’s ‘Resort’ is a collection that shows progression, depth and longevity. Compiling Tuff Love’s three EPs (‘Junk’, ‘Dross’ and ‘Dregs’), ‘Resort’ is a perfect starting point for those who have somehow missed the Glaswegian duo as they’ve slowly but steadily been building up a head of steam over

Tuesday 02 February 2016

Pretend Happy – ‘Tired Eyes’

Pretend Happy’s ‘Tired Eyes’ is an accomplished, assured debut from a young UK band. These three guys from the small town of Barnstaple in the South West have produced a record they should be extremely proud of and one that puts them right up there with bands like Moose

Monday 01 February 2016

Like Torches – ‘Shelter’

Like Torches know how to target their desired market with their punchy pop-rock music. In 2012, the Swedish quartet spent a month in Hollywood with Yellowcard’s Ryan Mendez and Ryan Key, working on their debut 2013 release ‘Keep Your Head Up’. That album gave them the chance to tour

LIVE: Milk Teeth @ 2 Pigs, Cheltenham

The album launch show is a strange beast; so often no more an opportunity for music industry types to be seen at that night’s hot ticket event, only unfolding their arms to tweet about watching a hype band in a tiny venue. In a world in which

Saturday 30 January 2016

The Black Queen – ‘Fever Daydream’

There was probably a time, many years ago, that your average fan of rock music would scoff at the idea of someone in a metal or punk band making electronic music on the side. It’s an argument that you see sometimes from the narrow-minded, who believe that just because

Friday 29 January 2016

Bury Tomorrow – ‘Earthbound’

Bury Tomorrow have been stuck in a cycle of consistently touring their last album ‘Runes’. Whilst a good album, their live sets have become a bit predictable. What isn’t predictable is how big their new album will make them. ‘Earthbound’ is set to make them one of the