Reviews from Friday 23 March 2018

Plastic – ‘Here, There Is No Gravity’

Dropping their debut album ‘Here, There Is No Gravity’, grunge band Plastic are ready to transport us back in time to the ’90s. Delving into the personal struggles of substance abuse, the album delivers the highs and lows of that period. Opener ‘Flossing’ is brimming with rage, and the angst

LIVE: Parkway Drive @ The Underworld, Camden

While the London is getting set for part two of the “Beast From The East” saga, there is no shortage of warmth in a packed out Underworld on a Friday night as Parkway Drive lay waste to one of their old stomping grounds. There anticipation is hot in the air

Will Haven – ‘Muerte’

Will Haven have been an under-celebrated, but extremely influential, band since the release of ‘El Diablo’ way back in 1997, and despite never quite becoming a household name themselves they’ve cemented a position of extreme respect amongst their peers, collaborating with members of Deftones, Slipknot and Far, amongst others,

Thursday 22 March 2018

Coilguns – ‘Millennials’

Coilguns started off in 2010 as a side project made up of three members of German prog-metal giants The Ocean as an outlet for their love of punk and hardcore. According to their bio, they wanted to make ‘fast and simple’ music. With ‘Millennials’ they’ve definitely ticked the first

The Amsterdam Red Light District – ‘Sapere Aude’

Sometimes you just take a punt on a band because of the name. The Amsterdam Red Light District have been playing crushing post-hardcore since 2004 and it’s crazy they’ve not been heard of more widely outside of their native France. But on ‘Sapere Aude,’ those 14 years

Jeff Rosenstock – ‘POST-‘

It seems everybody is trying to be Bruce Springsteen these days. Brian Fallon has been drawing comparisons for years, The Smith Street Band took their name from Springsteen’s E Street Band and there are even up and coming Americana bands imitating The Boss from exotic lands such as Aberdeen

Wednesday 21 March 2018

Hot Mulligan – ‘Pilot’

Debut albums tend to dictate how we see bands for a long time after their release, even if the reality is slightly different. Sum 41 are still considered a pop punk band despite the fact that for every ‘Fat Lip’ there is a ‘We’re All To Blame’, for each

Sick Joy – ‘Amateurs’

Brighton-based Geordie three-piece Sick Joy’s latest EP ‘Amateurs’ packs a wallop. With a grunge based sound not heard properly since the ’90s, it’s a refreshing take on the genre. Channelling his inner Cobain, vocalist and guitarist Mykl Barton growls, shouts and purrs meaningful lyrics in a luscious tone. Add Danny

LIVE: Tonight Alive @ KOKO, London

With it being International Women’s Day, it only made sense that London’s KOKO saw a sold out crowd come together to celebrate one of the most powerful and inspirational women in the pop-punk scene.  Alongside her 3 bandmates, Jenna McDougall fiercely commanded the stage, combining an

The Last Gang – ‘Keep Them Counting’

The Last Gang take us on a journey through time with everything from late ’80s Hole-esque grunge to ’90s Distillers punk rock and even early-day Pretty Reckless. It’s not just that lead singer Brenna Red’s husky voice is a sultry amalgamation of Courtney Love, Brody Dalle and Taylor Momsen’s

Tuesday 20 March 2018

Endless Heights – ‘Vicious Pleasure’

Endless Heights’ full length debut ‘New Bloom’ infused punk with hardcore nuances and five years later, they return with a successor. Despite being fresh and younger, ‘Viscous Pleasure’ seems like the older, more mature sibling. Unlike many older siblings, however, the album is very likeable. Every song is structured to

LIVE: Holding Absence / Loathe / Modern Error @ The Bodega, Nottingham

If you asked us to design a perfect line up to showcase the exciting, emerging talent of today’s UK alternative scene, we probably would’ve given you tonight’s line up. We shone the spotlight on Loathe and Holding Absence in our Ones to Watch In 2018 shortlist at the start

Casey – Where I Go When I Am Sleeping

On ‘Making Weight’, the tender opener to ‘Where I Go When I Am Sleeping,’ vocalist Tom Weaver sets the scene of entropy that envelops the entire album, recounting how he was found on the bathroom floor by his mother, losing blood. And it only gets more visceral

Harker – ‘No Discordance’

Endearing, earnest songwriting can be hard to come by in mainstream rock music. For all the bells and whistles the heavyweights utilise in their production, there’s a hollowness to their material that can only be filled by genuinely emotive songcraft. Some of the best material can come from one

Friday 16 March 2018

LIVE: Brian Fallon & The Howling Weather @ KOKO, London

Brian Fallon has been cutting a new path since the hiatus of his beloved vehicle The Gaslight Anthem. If his former celebrated the ballsy blue-collar rock and roll Fallon grew up on in New Jersey, his recent delve into something more fragile and soulful has offered a more heartfelt

Black Foxxes – ‘Reiði’

It’s rare that rock bands make such a powerful first impression, but it’s safe to say Black Foxxes have made their mark on the British rock scene. Now, with ‘Reiði’ firmly in our hands, it’s easy to see a future in which Black Foxxes effortlessly gain international

Wednesday 14 March 2018

Myles Kennedy – ‘Year of the Tiger’

Myles Kennedy has been taking on the world with his outstanding voice for a while, in particular his work with Alter Bridge and Slash has earned him the status of being one of the best rock singers of this era. ‘Year of the Tiger’ is Myles’ long awaited debut solo

Grimner – ‘Vanadrottning’

For what is undoubtedly quite a niche genre – they don’t exactly seem like musical styles you would naturally meld, to be fair – folk metal manages to maintain a dedicated fan base around the world, and has been steadily increasing in popularity in recent years. Essentially the musical

LIVE: Fizzy Blood / Forever Cult / Koyo @ Headrow House, Leeds

Headrow House is noisy, with music beating through every wall as you make your way to the venue. Tonight we’re warmed up with psychedelic progressive rock from Koyo. The audience are somewhat mesmerised by their performance with their long experimental pieces which are clearly very creatively written. It is

Titus Andronicus – ‘A Productive Cough’

Titus Andronicus are back with their latest, ‘A Productive Cough’, having made an obvious departure from the punk rock anthems of 2015’s ‘Most Lamentable Tragedy’ to take a more soulful approach for their second album on Merge Records. Fear not, it’s still the same worn voice of singer songwriter, Patrick

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