Reviews from Friday 16 November 2018

Memphis May Fire – ‘Broken’

Memphis May Fire are an important band for this generation. They are unafraid to wear their hearts on their sleeves, giving their already powerful music more depth – and that depth is something that their fans revel in, as the majority are able to relate to the issues and struggles

LIVE: Slayer / Lamb of God @ Manchester Arena, Manchester

In the rustic surroundings of The Beer House pub in Manchester Victoria station, a heavily tattooed gentleman places one biker boot on the table to create his podium. Sporting a sleeveless denim jacket and adorning a patch of Metallica’s ‘Kill ‘Em All’ album artwork, he takes a

LIVE: Rolo Tomassi / Blood Command / Cassus / Bone Cult @ Rescue Rooms, Nottingham

It’s almost a tradition in alternative music to put on shows that fall on Halloween. Bands treat it a bit like a rite of passage – like you can’t call yourself a heavy band if you haven’t played a Halloween show. Rolo Tomassi aren’t strangers to hosting events on

Thursday 15 November 2018

itoldyouiwouldeatyou – ‘Oh Dearism’

Emo. It’s a dirty word amongst music fans. A sound and style that’s largely dissipated over the years, some would say for the better. There’s always been a stigma around it, despite its huge popularity in the mid-late 00’s – a house party wasn’t a house party unless someone

Tuesday 13 November 2018

LIVE: Anti-Flag / Cancer Bats @ Academy 2, Manchester

Navigating Manchester on a Friday night is one of the most hellish things you can imagine, as drunk students and office workers clog the streets and everyone tries to drive around the city like the layout makes any sort of sense whatsoever. Unfortunately this combination of traffic issues and

SHVPES – ‘Greater Than’

SHVPES front man Griffin Dickinson’s surname encourages a rather unwelcome elephant into the room – and yes, his dad is THAT Bruce Dickinson. This isn’t to say that SHVPES have had an easy ride. Rather than riding on the coattails of Griffin’s lineage, SHVPES have spent almost a decade grinding

Friday 09 November 2018

GUTTFULL – ‘Tits and Nails’

If their EP is anything to go by, the debut full-length from dirty sax-punkers GUTTFULL is going to be a raucous and powerful release– and it doesn’t disappoint. Featuring tracks that are now classics in the band’s catalogue, they still sound fresh and piercing nestled in between songs

Wednesday 07 November 2018

Architects – ‘Holy Hell’

Architects are a very unique band in todays metal community. Their back catalogue is one of the strongest in modern metal, their live show is held in high regard amongst gig goers and fellow musicians alike. But what really makes them special is their fan base–you’d be hard pressed

Laura Jane Grace & The Devouring Mothers – ‘Bought To Rot’

Like a shooting star through the sky or spotting a four-leaf clover, it is a very rare occurrence for Laura Jane Grace to get bitten by the solo record bug. It’s almost a decade since Grace last dabbled in a project away from Against Me! with the

Tuesday 06 November 2018

LIVE: State Champs / Seaway / Stand Atlantic / Woes @ O2 Academy, Leeds

It may not always seem like it, going by the inevitable social media complaints after every tour announcement, but we have it pretty lucky in the UK. Despite being a relatively small island, we’re regularly treated to tours by just about every band going– and compared to the epic

LIVE: Turnstile / Wicca Phase Springs Eternal / Big Cheese @ Rebellion, Manchester

You know you’re in for a solid hardcore show when the venue has the security barriers removed especially for the occasion. Walking in to the venue, Leeds hardcore mob Big Cheese have already started proceedings and their straight-up, no frills hardcore has several bodies moving in the thickening crowd.

LIVE: IDLES @ Rock City, Nottingham

There have been few bands more talked about this year than Bristolian quintet IDLES. Fresh off the back of releasing their sophomore album, ‘Joy as an Act of Resistance’, they’ve toured across the US before returning to the UK alongside fellow Bristol-based post-punk group Heavy Lungs.

Jack The Envious – ‘Bleeding Honesty’

Jack The Envious, a four piece pop punk/alternative band based in London, formed in a really heartwarming way. Founding members Nir Perlman and Chuck Checkarov met while serving as commanders in the Israeli army, bonding over their love for music. A few years later, they formed the band and

Drug Church – ‘Cheer’

Okay, so Drug Church’s latest slice of punk heaven is here, and it’s bloody fantastic. The five-piece, originally born out of Albany only to be “sucked into the fast life” of LA, first bared their teeth with a couple of demo songs in late-2011 and enjoyed a pretty meteoric rise

Friday 02 November 2018

LIVE: Hands Like Houses / Normandie / Jule Vera @ Academy 3, Manchester

In what’s become a fairly regular churn of Manchester venues over the years, the university’s Academy 3– hidden away on the top floor of the Student Union building– has stood strong. Fortunately, it’s also long been one of the best, and tonight this small room is playing host to a pleasingly

Thursday 01 November 2018

It Looks Sad. – ‘Sky Lake’

It Looks Sad. are finally back and ready to put their anticipated debut LP out into the world, but with three years passing since their last release, is ‘Sky Lake’ worth the wait? From the ethereal opener of ‘Shave’, it’s clear the duo has moved away from the beachy, emo

Napoleon – ‘Epiphany’

Okay, so picture this. Picture a band which is melodic hardcore at heart, but are too technical to sit in that category. That same band has a lot of metalcore influences too, but not enough to pigeonhole them in metal. Now, throw some prog into the mix as well

Tenacious D – ‘Post Apocalypto’

It is hard being a fan of Tenacious D. The nostalgia for songs like ‘Tribute’ and ‘Wonderboy’ can be a powerful drug. Yet, every fan of “The D” must admit that the comedy rock duo has had a downward trajectory from the start. From the cult hit of the original

Monday 29 October 2018

Silent Planet – ‘When The End Began’

>More and more bands are emerging that use the same old tricks, performing them with subtle changes and passing them off as brand new. From time to time, though, a band will power it’s way through the crowd and stand tall. A unique, intelligent and impressive band. A band

Wednesday 24 October 2018

LIVE: Black Peaks / Bossk / Gold Key @ The Key Club, Leeds

Brighton’s Black Peaks are something of a success story. Their debut album ‘Statues’ was released in 2016 and in the short period of time since then they’ve played Download Festival, 2000 Trees, and ArcTanGent, made several successful headline trips up and down the UK and even supported Deftones at

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