Reviews from Thursday 30 March 2017

LIVE: Foxing / Fog Lake @ The Scala, London

Foxing are one of the most exceptional live bands around at the moment. The St. Louis emo band don’t just lean on their passionate fanbase or the emotional levity of their music either. Somehow, they continue to push boundaries both sonically and artistically, and tonight, the last time they will grace a London

Vasudeva – ‘No Clearance’

It’s been three and a half years since Vasudeva released their debut record and they certainly haven’t used those intervening years in vain. ‘Life In Cycles’ introduced the band as an upbeat, vibrant, instrumental act but for all its energy it became a little one dimensional. ‘No Clearance’ shows

LIVE: Our Hollow, Our Home / Sworn Amongst / Vanity Draws Blood @ Venue 229, London

At times, the UK metalcore scene can feel stagnant and oversaturated which can be frustrating when looking at successful bands such as Architects and Bury Tomorrow. However, in the last couple of years, Our Hollow, Our Home have been making a lot of noise; with a few EPs and

OHHMS – ‘The Fool’

OHHMS’ ‘The Fool’ is every bit as exciting as the increasing fever pitch around this band suggested it would be. Superlatives are required in the bucket load, and synonyms for the word epic are all essential. The nice thing about this album, and indeed the band, is that they don’t play

Wednesday 29 March 2017

The Royal – ‘Seven’

Eindhoven metallers The Royal have had a steady rise. Up to now, all of their material has been self-released and barely made a splash in the scene, but they have caught the eye of Long Branch Records, who will now be responsible for bringing their second full-length record, ‘Seven’, into

Mastodon – ‘Emperor Of Sand’

It’s hard to argue that Mastodon are not one of the biggest metal bands on the planet right now. They seem to be one of the natural successors to the throne when the gods of yesteryear finally depart these lands, placing them as one of the next potential arena

LIVE: All Time Low / SWMRS / Waterparks @ Corn Exchange, Edinburgh

All Time Low have been around for a long time. A really long time. Over more than a decade, the pop punk to pop rockers have released a multitude of albums, probably without you even realising, and have continued to win over new fans with their signature brand of

Deference – ‘False Awakening’

From the outset it’s clear where Southampton-based five-piece Deference take influence from. Opening track ‘Scavengers’ could’ve been lifted straight from an Architects album; starting with a shout of ‘bleugh’, a sound that has become a signature of Architects front-man Sam Carter, the track rifles through low end, punchy riffs

Tuesday 28 March 2017

LIVE: Russian Circles / Cloakroom @ Heaven, London

Putting the word ‘post’ in front of a genre is a bone of contention for a lot of musicians. What does it really mean? Does it really mean anything? Who knows. One thing that is blindingly obvious, whether they are post-rock or post-metal, is that Russian Circles are masters

LIVE: Create to Inspire / Far From Home / Skies in Motion / Faces of Eve @ Mulberry Tavern, Sheffield

Essex-based Create to Inspire are on the cusp of making a breakthrough. Having impressed with their well received debut EP ‘Home is Where My Heart Dies’ in March 2016, the band are building up to their first full-length ‘Sickness’ on 26 May and if latest single ‘Adjust’

Body Count – ‘Bloodlust’

Ice T and his band of rockers return for their sixth studio release ‘Bloodlust’ and they’ve got many a message for the masses in this most turbulent time. Yes, this is firstly a metal album fronted by a man undoubtedly best known for his hip hop success, but behind

Monday 27 March 2017

Telepathy – ‘Tempest’

Post-rock and post-metal are, when at their very best, an elemental musical force capable of lifting the listener into a higher plane of consciousness. It is music as cinematic and breathtaking as it is emotionally devastating. The first time you hear Isis’ ‘Oceanic’ or Pelican’s ‘Australasia’, you’re

Brutality Will Prevail – ‘In Dark Places’

After a short and unplanned hiatus Brutality Will Prevail are back and they’re not fucking around. ‘In Dark Places’ sees the band returning to full form as well as being more ferocious than ever. Having once again teamed up with Holy Roar, there has been a cloud of suspense

LIVE: Bloody Knees / Abattoir Blues / Birdskulls / Broadbay @ Sebright Arms, London

Tonight, the Sebright Arms is taken over with modern emo vibes galore: flannel shirts, expensive pints and cheap roll ups as far as the eye can see. Having supported Wolf Alice in 2016, with a handful of shows plotted in-between, it only feels right that Cambridge grungers Bloody Knees

Sunday 26 March 2017

Pulled Apart By Horses – ‘The Haze’

Almost ten years ago, Leeds four-piece Pulled Apart By Horses arrived with a noise that hasn’t been embodied since. With the same physical aggression as the likes of Dillinger Escape Plan and Refused, along with the creativity and outright weirdness similar to Rolo Tomassi and Faith No More, they

Saturday 25 March 2017

LIVE: Dave Hause & The Mermaid / Sam Russo @ The Garage, London

Sam Russo was a late stand in as main support tonight, catching the train to London on short notice earlier that day, but he was also an undeniably welcome addition to the line-up. Taking  the stage with a pint and his guitar in hand, he laughed about trying not

Brother Firetribe – ‘Sunbound’

Classic rock, which for many fans served as the soundtrack to the double-denim wearing, big-haired ’80s, has become a much maligned and ignored genre since its heyday. The bands who led the charge thirty-odd years ago are either long gone or living off their back catalogues and we now

Friday 24 March 2017

LIVE: Gojira / Code Orange @ O2 Forum Kentish Town

Acts can rise to prominence based on a blistering live show, capturing the rare energy that enraptures fans just from sheer onstage magnetism. It would be accurate to cast French prog-death shaman Gojira in this category, if it weren’t for the fact that their work in the studio has

Creeper – ‘Eternity, In Your Arms’

Creeper have released a life-changing album; one that provides a much needed, punk rock respite from the acidity of the outside world at a time when we really need some new, inspiring music to get excited about. ‘Eternity In Your Arms’ has been a long time coming from the

Me and That Man – ‘Songs of Love and Death’

The man known as Nergal has not had the easiest journey. Despite fronting Behemoth, one of most critically and commercially successful blackened death metal bands of all time, Nergal has encountered many obstacles. If facing controversy in his home country of Poland due to the satanic nature of Behemoth’s

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