Reviews from Wednesday 24 August 2016

Apologies, I Have None – ‘Pharmacie’

As vocalist Josh Mckenzie vents on ‘Anything Chemical’, it’s heart-breaking. “There’s no coming back from here,” he cracks, the pain in his voice palpable. It’s indicative of the anguish running through ‘Pharmacie’, the eagerly anticipated follow-up to 2012’s exceptional ‘London’ debut. And it’s by no means a standalone moment.

Monday 22 August 2016

LIVE: Motion City Soundtrack / Dinosaur Pile Up / The Xcerts / Lacey @ The O2 Ritz, Manchester

With a near twenty year long career that created six albums and featured countless headline and festival appearances almost behind them, it came down to this, three final UK tour dates and three final chances to say goodbye. With their ‘So Long, Farewell’ heading for Australia and Japan, Motion

Thursday 18 August 2016

Sect – ‘Sect’

The first thing that almost anyone will be quick to address when talking about Sect is those who play in bands pedigree. Granted, we are pretty much doing the same, but really, that’s just a formality. Yes, they are made up of current and former members of Cursed, Earth

NARCS – ‘A Thinking Animal’

Northern alternative rock band NARCS had begun to make waves last years after playing the iconic Reading & Leeds festival. Since then the band had a buzz surround them and has pushed these guys to create something different. Opening track ‘Drains’ has an eerie vibe with its gradual guitar build

Wednesday 17 August 2016

LIVE: Descendents, Bouncing Souls and more @ Rebellion Festival 2016

Celebrating its 40th Anniversary as a festival, Rebellion is the largest punk gathering in Europe. Located at the delightful Winter Gardens in the centre of Blackpool, I head off for the Thursday hoping to see some new punks, some old punks, and stick two fingers up to society and

Tuesday 16 August 2016

Alteras – ‘Grief’

As a band, Alteras is driven by the honourable aim of using their music to offer a message of hope to those who need it the most, whatever they may be experiencing. It’s an idea that they’ve taken with them into their debut album ‘Grief’, but at

Black Foxxes – ‘I’m Not Well’

Black Foxxes’ journey has been something of a spectacle. The release of their debut EP, ‘Pines’ in November of 2014 was closely followed by their signing to Universal’s Search And Destroy label in July of 2015, and now just over a year later Black Foxxes are ready to

Rough Hands – ‘Let Me Win Your Hearts And Minds’

This year sees the return of Brighton / London based quintet Rough Hands, who entered the studio once again at the tail end of 2015 to begin work on their debut album ‘Let Me Win Your Hearts And Minds’. Two years on since their last release, the second of

Thursday 11 August 2016

Bad Sports – ‘Living With Secrets’

Hailing from the birthing place of some of the greats of garage punk, Denton, Texas (by way of Austin), Bad Sports are a trio comprising Orville Neeley (guitars/vocals), Gregory Rutherford (drums) and Daniel Fried (bass/vocals). Rutherford and Fried also play together in another Denton band, Radioactivity. Many of the

Lonely The Brave – ‘Dust & Bones’

Lonely The Brave aren’t everyone’s cup of tea. An absence of accessible melodies and recognisable song structures have shut them off from a wider audience. That being said, their darker, unpolished sound has given them a sound they can firmly call their own. One which, for those of us

Wednesday 10 August 2016

Fallen to Flux – ‘Transitions’

The current British alternative rock scene is a thriving pool of huge choruses, catchy songs and uplifting rhythms and it continues to get deeper. With their debut album ‘Transitions’, Fallen to Flux don’t waste any time getting acclimatised, diving straight in with a barrage of heavy instrumentals

A World Away – ‘Wake Me Up’

An almost unheard of name, A World Away’s recognition so far has come from their hometown of Milton Keynes or their sought after support slots with Mallory Knox and Young Guns. Although they have roots in the sound of popular British rock, the band’s sound isn’t as polished as

Tuesday 09 August 2016

Puppy – ‘Vol. II’

Whereas previous output could at times feel slightly disjointed in its approach, ‘Vol.ll’: a more cohesive group of songs, melds the traditionally head-butting styles of heavy metal and low-fi indie to a level far greater than ever seen before. The bands obvious love of a fat-off riff (or two) is

Cassels – ‘You, Us And They’

Moments of ‘You, Us And They’, the new EP by Chipping Norton duo Cassels, stop you in your tracks. The lyrical honesty is refreshingly blunt, be it the scathing attack on their step-dad on opener ‘Cool Box’ or the equally searing approach to inequality on the record’s title track.

Sunday 07 August 2016

Farewell, My Love – ‘Above It All’

First things first: Farewell, My Love is not a good name. Let’s just sweep that under the carpet and move on. Advertised as a band for fans of My Chemical Romance, Jimmy Eat World and AFI, let’s – again – forget about that and move swiftly onwards. Whatever you

Billy Talent – ‘Afraid Of Heights’

After releasing a curiously timed greatest hits album, I had no expectations of ‘Afraid Of Heights’, assuming we’d be getting another collection of single-gear power rock released out of necessity more than passion. And boy, was I right, but Billy Talent really do pull this sound off

Thursday 04 August 2016

Black Peaks/ Toska @ The Boiler Room, Guildford

It’s impossible for Black Peaks to put a foot wrong in their quest for world domination. They are slowly but surely chomping their way through the map and destroying every venue that gets in their way. Next up, Guildford’s The Boiler Room, an intimate venue in the heart of

Wednesday 03 August 2016

Grieving – ‘Demonstrations’

The four members of Cambridge outfit Grieving clearly have a love of turn of the century emo. Comparisons to the likes of Jawbreaker, Braid and Mineral have been present since the band began to unveil each of the EP’s five tracks ahead of its full release. Yet ‘Demonstrations’ is

Tuesday 02 August 2016

Syren City – ‘Paradise In The Dirt’

‘Paradise In The Dirt’ is not only the latest release by the South-West five-piece, but also the start of a new chapter for the band. Musically Syren City are continuing in the same direction they’ve been heading in since forming in 2011, but ‘Paradise In The Dirt’ is

Moose Blood – ‘Blush’

Surely we can all move on now from the notion of the difficult 2nd album? Bands are just getting better and better and better and Moose Blood, everyone’s favourites from Kent, have surpassed their debut with the absolute dream that’s ‘Blush’. It’s a dreamy, emo masterpiece made for anyone

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