What happened when Masked Intruder came to London

By Tom Aylott

Credit: DayBeat Photography / David Pascual http://daybeatphotography.tumblr.com/

We’re not really that egotistical to write a review of our own show here at Punktastic, but sometimes I do feel like we need to shout about something we put together…

I was offered the Masked Intruder show a few months back, and it coincided with my 25th Birthday. It seemed like it’d be a great combo with P Rock for the night, and we managed to keep the advance tickets at a super reasonable £3. Myself and Adrian over at P Rock picked the bands to support based on who we thought would make the most of it, and The Rocco Lampones, Rob Lynch and Nathan Detroit all had a blast and sounded great. The venue packed out super early, and it was hard not to be super stoked for Masked Intruder on their first ever UK show! They were absolutely excellent live, and I was stuck way back on the stairs as it was so busy…

Between people “stage” diving off the bars, the massive singalongs and the after party that ended all to soon, I had amazing birthday and it was great to see so many people at a Punktastic show. It was a real highlight of our return to live events, and we’re hoping we can carry on in fine fashion into the future!

A massive thank you to the following guys for making it happen:
Adrian @ P Rock for being a total don on the night
The DJs
Team Masked Intruder
The Nathan Detroit boys (first time seeing those guys last night!)
Rob Lynch
The Rocco Lampones
The staff at The Macbeth
& of course everyone that bought a ticket!

Our next two (announced) shows are:
27 July – Braid at the Garage (tickets on sale now)
12 August – Belvedere at the Rhythm Factory (tickets on sale now)

So, that said… if you’re a band, an agent or a manager and want to put something together with us, then here’s my email: tom.aylott@punktastic.com. Let’s make something cool happen.