Watch White Noise Radio’s new video for ‘Dawning’

By Glen Bushell

Last month we gave you an exclusive listen to White Noise Radio’s excellent single, ‘Dawning’. It is lifted from their forthcoming EP, ‘Cosmos’. Today, we have the pleasure of bringing you the first look at the video for the single, which you can see exclusively below.

“Our video for ‘Dawning’ follows a woman through the isolation of her day-to-day life, telling the song’s story as we learn more about our lonely astronaut,” say the band of the video. “We’re exceptionally proud of how this turned out, because this was a very DIY project – we chose all the shots and locations ourselves (including a whole day and night on Concorde’s airstrip), and were involved at every stage. Our cinematographer Rob Ellis did a fantastic job in both the technical and creative sides of bringing the project together, and Anna MacArthur perfectly portrayed our solitary yet unbroken protagonist – we’re proud to present this video, and look forward to releasing the full EP ‘Cosmos’ on July 1st!”

‘Cosmos’ will be self released by White Noise Radio on July 1, and will be available via all streaming platforms.