Watch the new video for ‘Breathe Now’ from Lazarus Wilde

By Glen Bushell

Today we are bringing you the first look at the video for ‘Breathe Now’, the title track from Lazarus Wilde’s most recent album. The album itself is a reflective take on mental health and internal struggle, delivered with Wilde’s uniquely engaging lead vocal and top-drawer guitar work.

“This song I would say is the embodiment of the record,” say Wilde of the track. “It comes from a place that begins where suicidal tendencies can start from. Not being happy with oneself and being unable to face those challenges are ultimately what prevents a person to move forward with their character and the happiness and acceptance within themselves. The video is about dreams and how our anxieties and insecurities can play out in them. The song ‘Breathe Now’ has a lot of self-esteem issues that it addresses so to me going on a journey in your subconscious just made sense.”

‘Breathe Now’ is available on all digital services via Cardigan Records.