Watch Ducking Punches’ celebration of friendship and adventure, ‘Greedy Bones’

By Ben Tipple

The video for ‘Greedy Bones’, the track taken from this year’s brilliant ‘Fizzy Brain‘ LP, is Ducking Punches’┬ácelebration of camaraderie. Matched in theme by the rotating lead vocals, welcoming long-time friend Frank Turner’s involvement, the clip is inspired by coming-of-age movies; a celebration of friendship and adventure.

Yet as with all tales of adventure, it also comes with a valuable life lesson: Don’t try this at home. Vocalist Dan Allen learned the hard way that DIY soapbox racing carries with it some danger, breaking his leg in two places during the video shoot.

“We set out to make a cute, friendly video that ended in disaster,” expands Dan. “It was supposed to have a nod to buddy films we loved growing up. Stand By me, The Breakfast Club, The Outsiders etc. We were set to build a soapbox racer (something we somehow missed out on growing up in 80/90s Britain).”

“We had all the fun in the world constructing it and we headed to Mousehold Heath to run it down a hill. The first run went smooth-ish. It resulted in me being catapulted into a bunch of brambles. I came out bleeding, shaky but in minimal pain. But alas, we didn’t get the shot. One more go then; we head down a slightly different path but it’s looking like a similar result for me and I’d already tasted that pain.”

“I thought I could avoid it by diving out of the cart. However, I had not accounted for the left-veering vehicle, it then clattered over my trailing leg snapping both my fibia and tibia. Luckily we got the shot this time. I’m still in recovery but am lucky and thankful I wasn’t more gravely injured. Don’t be an idiot like me. If you HAVE to build a soapbox racer make sure you have brakes.”

As Dan continues his recovery, watch the video for ‘Greedy Bones’ below. It sure does look like a lot of fun, discounting the broken bones.

Here’s poor ol’ Dan following the accident: