Video premiere of ‘Televise Me’ by GOLDBLOOMS

By Mark Johnson

We’re delighted to premiere ‘Televise Me’, the brand new video from tropical pop-punk trio GOLDBLOOMS. The band will play a launch show at DIY Space For London on March 7 alongside Yr Poetry and Fightmilk. More details, and tickets, can be found here.

“It’s a two-minute anthemic blast but there’s an emotional core to it too…about who gets to be in the media,” explains guitarist/vocalist Darren. “If you look at the punk, indie, grunge scenes, they’re not very diverse. Which is a shame if you’re a kid with a minority background and all your favourite bands don’t look like you. There’s also dystopian stuff with the chorus “We’ve been watching you!” about how surveilled we are. I’d been to Israel and got interrogated for an hour at the airport before the flight basically because of how I look and so the “Please come into this private room” came from that. And it’s about cyborgs.

“With the video, we wanted to laugh at ourselves and the Serious Themes a bit. We shot it in a mad day in Barcelona with our two wicked friends Carlos and Iban.”

Check out ‘Televise Me’ below:

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