Video premiere of Orestea’s ‘Welcome to Surviville’

By Mark Johnson

We have the pleasure of premiering the video for Orestea’s latest single ‘Welcome to Surviville’ ahead of the alt-rockers’ upcoming new record ‘Elements’, due for release on September 22.

Vocalist Lisa Avon comments: “Welcome To Surviville is the song on the album that almost didn’t make it, so I feel like it really lives up to its name in terms of being a bit of a survivor. The basic vocal melody idea for this song came to me the day before we started tracking drums. I was so in love with the idea that I took it along to the studio and managed to convince the guys that it was worth the stress of writing a song around it. Until this song came together the album felt like it was missing the powerful opening track and as soon as it started taking form we just knew this was our track one! Lyrically, this song is about drawing on the best of your abilities and strengths to get through a situation, being the truest version of yourself and learning when to ignore advice from people that don’t want to see you succeed.”

Guitarist Lloyd Wilson adds “We knew we wanted to go pretty dark for this video. The song is about strength and self-empowerment so we knew there had to be a story to go along with it. We worked with our friend Tom Moth at Velmo again on this one, and he suggested getting a director called Tom Sands on board. We are glad that we did because he really pulled it all together. When coming up with the concept for the video the temptation was definitely there to go with a ‘girl gets saved by some boys’ storyline and every time that suggestion came up Lisa just said “no, I am not going to be saved. I’m going to get myself out of this situation!” which just suited the message of the song perfectly.”

Check out ‘Welcome to Surviville’ below:

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