Video premiere of Death By Shotgun’s ‘Surf’s Up’

By Ashwin Bhandari

We’re excited to premiere the debut music video for Bournemouth-based emos Death By Shotgun. Whilst the band had existed as a two-piece¬†acoustic act for some time, it was this year that they were able to become a full band and play shows around the south coast. Here’s what Wright had to say about ‘Surf’s Up’ and his life as a producer:

“We were really lucky that we got to work with Martin at GingerDope Photography and Josh who put out our record on his label Suicide Notes. They had loads of ideas for it so we just did what they said and then had some beers on the beach it was good fun!

I got involved with the ranch via my friend Niko who knew Neil and put in a good word for me. From there I just interned making teas and helping out. I slept on the sofa there most evenings and just helped out as much as I could. I have learned loads from everyone there! I’ve been doing production stuff for a while now.

I started by just recording in my bedroom and then studied music tech at college. I went to university for a short amount of time but sacked it off and managed to get involved at The Ranch! I’m still learning things all the time and I get to be involved with loads of bands that I’m a big fan of which is the absolute best!”

‘Life’s A Beach’ is out now via Suicide Notes