Video premiere of ‘Creature’ by Beasts

By Mark Johnson

We’re delighted to premiere the video for ‘Creature’ from alt-rock trio Beasts. The track is available from various digital outlets, details of which can be found here.

“Creature is about control,” the band explain. “In a world where  what you do, buy, eat and say is constantly dictated by external forces – from government and big business to peer pressure and social media – it’s easy to go along with the status quo almost without realising you are being influenced. The creatures in the video represent us and the struggle to break out of the cycle and be our own people. We wanted to show them as visually weird and freakish as being different and outspoken is often perceived as strange. The song is about being brave enough to step outside of the norm and be your creature.”

Check out ‘Creature’ below:

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