Track by track guide and early listen of Voids’ ‘No Character: No Crown’

By Mark Johnson

Metalcore quartet Voids release their debut albumĀ ‘No Character: No Crown’ on October 13 and we’re giving you the chance to listen to the album in full, while the band talk you through the meaning of each track. You can pre-order the album at iTunes.


Dolores describes the struggle of being someone who is constantly bullied. The thoughts of being a burden to society for reasons unexplained can really drive a person to their bitter end. Unfortunately this is one of those stories that doesn’t have a happy ending.


We always have one person in life we look up to but what if that person disappears from your life with no reason at all. This song focuses on being abandoned when you need guidance the most and the thought process of having to go through life without having anyone to rely on.


Getting something you hold dear to you stripped away for reasons some can’t understand is no easy task. You can either accept it or fight for what you believe is yours. Built up emotions make you want to fight for what you believe in even more.


We all have that one person in our lives who’s hurt us worse than all of the rest. While some would just let things be, there’s always a part of us that wants to get even. Exploring the darkest thoughts of the mind and constantly replaying them over and over in your head can leave you wondering what would have happened if things ended differently for them.


This song was written about a close friend. Life was always bringing him down and others were always adding to his problems. He was always envious of how other could move on with their lives after tragedy while he’s still stuck in the past.


Torn between two parents, the one that raised you and the one who claims to love and care for you, is no easy task. While watching the one who raised me struggle just to make ends meet, it’s a painful thing to see. Leaving spiralling thoughts about why the other had left in the first place makes you wonder whether they really cared at all.


Torn between the lesser of two evils, one you care about with all your heart, and one you left in the past hoping to never be heard from again. This song focuses on exorcising the ghost of your past and reassuring the one that you love.

New Beginning

In life we all make mistakes, some that will haunt us till our bitter end. The choices we make mold us into who we are today. We can’t change our past but we can use our mistakes to start over and make a better life for ourselves.

Deja Vu

Constantly having nightmares of our past can drive anyone to insanity. Always seeing the devil’s face for all of the sins you’ve committed and learning to overcome them are not a easy task. It’s something we need to do on our own because life’s about falling and getting back up and sometimes we have to do it alone. These mistakes are part of growing.


Being a letdown is probably one of the worst feelings in the world. Feeling useless and worthless is something that I personally don’t take lightly especially when it comes to the ones you care for the most. It eats away at you till there’s nothing left and you eagerly await some sort of gratitude for all you’ve done. Never again will I let the thoughts of others define my self worth.

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