The Nopes premiere new album ‘Stapler’

By Penny Bennett

Frenetic fringe-punksters The Nopes are ready to unleash ‘Stapler’, a 19-track, 34-minute clinic on social alienation, catharsis, and the clusterfuckness of young life in San Francisco and have given us an exclusive listen.

Formed as an outlet for relief from the stresses of everyday life and heavily influenced by the SST punk that resonated up and down the California coast, The Nopes waved a white flag to the area’s indie scene and branched out in a nastier direction. They banged out a name for themselves with highly energetic, profusely sweaty shows while touring away from the Bay Area as much as possible. Over the years, the group perfected a sound that’s at once cacophonous and instantaneous.

You can order the album here