STREAM FOR THE WEEK: Released by Feliciano – ‘Light It Up’ Sampler

By Tom Aylott

Our mate Sam over at Feliciano puts on some excellent shows, and this year he’ll be going overdrive with some limited cassette releases…

Feliciano will release six releases on cassette in 2013, each limited to 50 copies – available either through a discounted rate subscription or sold individually, or via digital download. Subscriptions start from £15 for the year. Check out the full details here. Here’s the schedule:

Early Feb – Hold Your Horse Is – Frimley – Album re-release
Mid Feb – The Jorneta Stream – new Double EP
April – Part Dinosaur – new mini-album
May – Luke Godwin – new album
August – Beware Wolf – new EP
October – The Lion and the Wolf – new EP – details TBC

This week, we’re streaming a sampler of the releases, and you can check it out using the player in this article or on the homepage sidebar!