Releases Out This Week [12/11/2012]

By Tom Aylott

This week marks the first week that we’ve shifted out Records Out This Week into Radar rather than news, and there’s some rather excellent things out to coincide. Not the BIGGEST week for releases of the year, but a few to consider!

Deftones – ‘Koi No Yokan’

Easily one of the albums of the year, Deftones have returned in a big way with ‘Koi No Yokan’, and you’d be an absolute idiot not to check it out.

Fans of Faye – ‘Designed to be’

Kind of reminiscent of an English Twin Atlantic, prepare to hear a lot more from this lot in 2013. This, their debut album is jam packed with soaring choruses and atmospheric hooks. Get on it.


Pentimento – ‘Pentimento’

Pentimento’s new effort is excellent, and the pesky legal sisues that they’re going through shouldn’t stop you enjoying it. Head over to the band’s website now and get an earful.


These Days – ‘Souls’

If you’re looking for a new UK pop rock band to get an earful of, you could do far worse than These Days. Pick up ‘Souls’ now from iTunes!