Listen to Punktastic 13.01 right now

By Tom Aylott

Today, we’re celebrating all things new and excellent with the release of our first 2013 compilation. Simply titled ‘Punktastic 13.01’, it showcases 13 bands & tracks, and is available for your listening pleasure below.

Because album artwork isn’t really a “thing” on the internet, we’ve created a zine for you with de, and you can give that a read above! Use the SoundCloud player below to listen to the tracks, and then read on if you want to get your hands on the download…

If you’d like the thing as downloadable mp3s, we’re more than happy to oblige if you jump through one small hoop for us: we’d like to share news on future compilations and things we’re working on with you by email. You are more than welcome to opt out later if you like (we won’t spam you regardless, promise), but you’ll need to sign up to get hold of that shiny mp3 download!

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Finally… Bands: if you want to be on a compilation in the future, please email with a song a bit about yourselves!

Thank you so much for getting involved, reading and listening!