Pretty Pistol share the music that influenced ‘Welcome To The Dead Club’

By Mark Johnson

Fresh from releasing their new EP ‘Welcome To The Dead Club’ on April 13 , Pretty Pistol have curated an exclusive playlist to share the bands that influenced them along the way. Check out the playlist below, along with a description of each track:

Deap Vally – ‘Royal Jelly’

We are massive fans of Deap Vally and were so hyped waiting on the follow up from ‘Sistrionix’. The first time we heard ‘Royal Jelly’ we were blown away, there is so much power and so much fuck you in this song. It gives you that feeling of ‘I can go out and do what the fuck I want’.

Hole – ‘Jennifer’s Body’

Without Hole there would be no Pretty Pistol. There is so much emotion coming through Courtney’s voice. It is the perfect amount of rage and distortion. If we could write a song that makes people feel the way this song does, we would be pretty content.

Be Your Own Pet – ‘Bunk Trunk Skunk’

Be Your Own Pet has always been a strong influence in the band. They were there from the very beginning, and will be with us indefinitely.

The Libertines – ‘I Get Along’

We can’t not mention The Libertines. They were one of the reasons our guitarist left France, his home country, to play music in the UK. This song is very much like us: chaotic and dirty.

The Dillinger Escape Plan – ‘Milk Lizard’

The drumming on this track is insane. Fast, frenzied and not all in the same time signature. If Pretty Pistol had 10 cans of red bull and some music lessons, we reckon we’d sound the same.

Black Peaks – ‘Glass Built Castles’

Energy, screams, spit and fury. One of our favourite new bands, and we’d love to play with them someday!

Chavez – ‘Break Up Your Band’

Dark and clever guitar lines intertwine with crushing fuzz bass to make an absolute belter of a song. A weird, kinda scary belter of a song. Don’t break up your band, but Chavez are so good they’ll make you consider it.

Idles – ‘Well Done’

Idles fucking kick ass. They’re heavy and furious but they know how to make a pop banger (their own take on a pop banger, anyway) and ‘Well Done’ is just that. Great hook, ugly brutish guitars; like we said, Idles fucking kick ass.