Partner share the songs that inspire them

By Mark Johnson

Josée Caron and Lucy Niles, the best friend duo known as Partner, release their debut album ‘In Search of Lost Time’ on September 8. Ahead of the release, the band have shared with us the songs that inspire their music. Press play on the playlist below and read on to discover what these songs mean to the duo.

Melissa Etheridge – You Can Sleep While I Drive

Melissa excels at writing powerful songs of devotion and desire. This song is very romantic and one of her most tender ballads. There is a great YouTube video of this song as a duet with KD Lang.

Tracy Chapman – Give Me One Reason

Everyone loves this song. It’s dignified and groovy and the speaker is not taking any shit. All of Tracy Chapman’s songs are great but this one has a vibe that we really love.

Roy Orbison and KD Lang – Crying

We have been obsessed with Roy Orbison all summer and with KD for years, so this pairing is very exciting to us. You just mught be…crying…by the end.

Mary Chapin Carpenter

Every verse in this song is perfect. MCC is so cool. She is a tough, passionate adult woman which is something we want to be one day.

Sheryl Crow – Strong Enough

“I’ve got a face I cannot show/I make the rules up as I go” this song is so beautiful and vulnerable. Sheryl is just searching for someone who can handle her at her worst and best. Not too much to ask.

Tegan and Sara – Back in Your Head

This song is from ‘The Con’ which was an incredibly important album to both of us in our coming of age process. It’s also just a great, catchy, sunny song. We love you Tegan and Sara!

Paint – Shattered Hearts

Our favourite part of this song is Keiko’s bassline! What a great bassist.

Tom Cochrane – Life is a Highway

Lucy: This song is so beautiful that once it came on at work while I was PMS-ing and I cried.

Jacinda Beals – Perfect Sin

We love this song because of the part that says “now nothing can get in the way/ I don’t care what people say” which is very relatable. A nice upbeat love song.

You can pre-order Partner’s debut album ‘In Search of Lost Time’ here.