North Of The Border: 2014 DIY Punk Preview

By Samarth Kanal

2013 was a really strong year for Scottish DIY Punk, and for the first North Of The Border feature of 2014 I decided to see how an already talented and thriving scene could be built upon. So without further waffle, here’s what a few Scottish DIY Labels and promoters have in store for 2014 – It’s a Scottish DIY Punk preview!


Thin Privilege LP – We are releasing an album for the noisy Post Hardcore/Dance Rock band Thin Privilege – working with Bloc & Black Lake records on this. The LP should be out in late March/early April with a tour to follow.

The Sinking Feeling are writing a follow up to the exceptionally well received Old Friends with both EPs receiving a vinyl release. In a somewhat unconventional way, the band have booked recording time with Bob Cooper in Manchester, so expect big things from the new EP. The Sinking Feeling were also recently included in an illustrious list of to watch in 2014 by Already Heard – alongside Every Time I Die, Tool & many other big bands.

Later this year we’ll be releasing the Bright Side 7″ – Melodic hardcore for fans of More Than Life, Go It Alone, Defeater – with The Edinburgh/Livingston based 4 piece currently in the process of mixing and mastering. There’ll be previews and streams up in the coming months.

Ewan Grant who writes and records all the music (apart from drums) that makes up Algernon Doll has expressed an interest in releasing this year’s follow up to the amazing Citalo Pop, through Struggletown Records. He recently stated on his Facebook page that Bob Weston of Shellac is interested in mastering the record. We’re very excited to be involved with this project.

Finally, monthly shows at Bloc will continue with two bands on rather than three, so people can catch trains home and still enjoy the full live music experience we provide; on March 6th we have Algernon Doll and Lovers Turn To Monsters.


2013 was a hell of a year for me and Black Lake. I put out 12 records, booked a handful of awesome shows and took the label merch and distro all over the UK and Europe, as well as putting the wheels in motion for several more releases. In 2014 I plan to focus more on putting out records than booking shows (something I didn’t do too frequently anyway) as there are several releases I have planned for this year that are going to be pretty awesome, so I’m looking to focus my funds on that. in terms of releases for my own bands.

Hopefully there will be at least one or two DIRTDRINKER 7″s this year, and my new band BOAK is also going to be putting out our first 7″, recorded just before Christmas – it’s being mastered by Will Killingsworth (Orchid/Ampere/Vaccine).

In terms of other artists, I will probably be diversifying. Although I’ll still be releasing the usual mix of punk/emo/hardcore records, I may also be putting out a pop record and a Scottish Americana record. I have always thought of Black Lake as a label that I have full control of, so I’m really just putting out whatever records want to rather than having a certain set of genres I work within.

This year I’m also doing a couple of releases that will be a big deal. At least in my mind… I can’t say too much about them at present as they’re still in the early stages of completion, but it might turn a few heads. One band features one of my favourite musicians of all time and the other is a pretty big band that I’m kind of overwhelmed to be working with. More on that soon!

I also plan to put out a compilation in the next few months that will either be free or for charity donation. it’s going to feature a lot of cool bands that either contain friends of mine or are just awesome bands I really like from all over the world!! It’s going to be really fun, but as some bands are recording songs especially for this comp it might take a little while to surface so apologies in advance!

Strangely, I put that into a word/character counter to see how long it was and it’s EXACTLY 2014 characters long…SPOOKY


2014 may be the Year of the Horse, but on the bleak east coast of Scotland are looking forward to the Year of the Cowpunk! We are very excited for this year. Our aim is to do more of everything, learning from our past experiences and giving it 100%.

We aim to release more music, put on more shows and have more of a blast than we ever have before. In the first half of the year, we shall be involved in putting out the second full-length record from Scottish screamo/hardcore legends Kaddish and the brand new album from the UK’s most under-rated punk band, The Kimberly Steaks.

Uniforms are currently working on their first album and we’d expect that to be ready for its LP release by the summer. The Walking Targets are recording their album with Peter Miles at Middle Farm Studios in Exeter and will destroy. Keep your eyes on those boys.

We’ll also be releasing 7”s from the wonderful Broken Stories as well as the first Tragical History Tour vinyl. As always, we shall do everything that we can to support our local DIY community and will also be putting out an EP from new Dundee emo-punks Lachance as well as putting out a split release from Andy Chainsaw and our pal Big Ade. All of this is planned before the year has even started, so who knows what else will pop up? We shall also be releasing Make Yer Ane Comp V which will feature 30 tracks from across the world for a super-cheap download.

Then we’ll have the shows! Our first show of 2014 was on January 31st in Dundee with four unique flavours of Scottish hardcore; Rope Spasm from Perth, Get It Together from Falkirk, West Lothian’s Sufferinfuck and the mighty Filthpact on their final tour. We’ll have The Murderburgers in March, The Slow Death in summer and loads more that we’ve yet to announce. Indeed, loads more that we haven’t even thought about yet. We’ll also be hosting a monthly acoustic night at Cerberus in Dundee.

Book Yer Ane Fest VIII will be happening from Friday 28th November 2014. No doubt that will grow arms and legs as usual, so put it in your diary now!

We shall also continue to develop our online community and content including Cowpunk TV (over 350 live videos), the Dae Yer Ane Podcast and Write Yer Ane Zine. We will also have a new website live in the next couple of weeks.

Overall, we’re pumped for 2014; more shows, more records, more touring, more tattoos, Ireland, Europe, USA, BYAF, putting out as much incredible music as possible and surviving through it all in good humour and happiness! I’ve never been more excited about the Scottish punk scene as I am right now and I am privileged to be a part of it. Please get in touch yo!


Last year was pretty awesome as I got the opportunity to quit my job and try to do the art thing full time so my main concern now is trying to pay the rent and keep food on the table, I have had some really great offers come up recently so I’m very excited for what this year may hold.

Apart from that I’ve got some record cover work in the pipeline for some great bands and I’m working on issue 7 of Boredom and Coffee which will be out around Easter and will be around double the size of the last, it’s shaping up to be the best one yet!

As for Cleavers that’s totally dead and not coming back!

[Thanks to Danny for making the art for this feature! – Samarth]


What you can expect gig wise in Glasgow (that I can say just now anyway) is Austin Lucas, SNFU, Restorations, Smith Street Band, Astpai, Elway, Joe McMahon (Smoke Or Fire), Bangers, Real Friends, You Blew It!, Modern Baseball, Red City Radio, Perdition, Citizen, Diamond Youth & Headroom. Also just announced a gig for Australian punks Bodyjar. That’ll be pretty sweet. 11th May. It’s one of two UK shows so might interest some folk outside of Scotland. If this is going live after 3rd Feb then you can also include The Swellers and I Am The Avalanche in that list of bands. 29th April and 16th May.

I’m not involved in this one but Iron Chic in Edinburgh on 6th May will be such a good gig. Walk The Plank Promotions for all the info you need there. Stuck In Springtime Fest is a cool lineup too. Search it online and you’ll find all the details. Book Yer Ane Fest in Dundee will have plenty of cracking bands as per. Check out Make That A Take for more info and gigs. The next monthly Struggletown Records gig at Bar Bloc is a tidy lineup with Get It Together and Bright Side. Also, Anti Vigilante tour next month, great band. Nutsack Jetpack putting that on. Give them a search online.

Release wise the new albums by Lagwagon, Menzingers, Braid & Masked Intruder should be cool hopefully. And Rehasher. They’re a fucking great band, shame they pretty much never play.

I also recorded a bunch of stuff recently that sounds good. Kimberly Steaks and Lemonaids were doing albums and The Murderburgers an EP/7”. First Step To Failure are in next month tracking their album and also Uniforms for a 7” I think. Flakes are also in doing a couple of songs for a split I think it is. Check them all out anyway, good bands.

That’s all I can think of from the top of my head anyway. No doubt forgot something.