No Seatbelt DIY release 2017 compilation

By Glen Bushell

Exeter-based DIY collective, No Seatbelt, have unveiled their 2017 compilation.

This year’s compilation includes bands such as Muncie Girls, Shit Present, The Fairweather Band, The Cut Ups, and American Enthusiasm. The compilation CD will be distributed for free online and at shows alongside an exclusive zine containing contributions from each of the bands.

“The scene in the South West is something to be celebrated and supported as it is vibrant and full of talented people who are exceptionally passionate about music, politics, and inclusivity,” explain No Seatbelt. “The scene has in recent years been struck a number of massive blows, after a devastating fire occurred at legendary venue, the Exeter Cavern, and a number of venues in Plymouth have also closed. While those in both cities are now rebuilding, this compilation aims to help show that bands and music continue through hard times.

“There are a lot of people working very hard to get things back up and running and this effort in addition to the talent and community we already have is sure to create something very special indeed.”

You can find out more about No Seatbelt over on Facebook.