Never Hill heat things up with ‘Fire’

By Ben Tipple

Formed from the ashes of previous heavier bands, Nuneaton based pop-rockers Never Hill are finally making the music they want to make. “We both love bands like Lower Than Atlantis, Mallory Knox, Blink 182, Deaf Havana, The 1975 and this influenced us to go the more pop rock route,” guitarist Dan Thomson says, referring to vocalist and fellow guitar man Adam Ross. “We formed a band called The Oceans Above that consisted of different band members at the time and from there just gigged and tried making a name for ourselves. Last summer Pete [Cornell – drums] and Jake [Mendham – bass/vocals] joined and we decided to go with a more individual name which was the formation of Never Hill.”

Completed by the recent addition of Jacob Morris, also on guitars, Never Hill have spent the last few months touring their debut EP, ‘Epilogue’. “We want people to get just as excited listening to our tunes as they do when they first heard their favorite bands,” Thomson continues. “We write music about our own issues in life and hope this helps people relate to it. We have had feedback from people about how it has helped them and so to know we are having this effect means more than anything.”

Having released lead single ‘Fire’ back in the early summer, Never Hill are embarking on a more concentrated push towards recognition. “The song is about growing up and knowing what is best for yourself even if it means losing friends who aren’t the best influence on yourself,” Thomson says of the track. “We portrayed this in the music video with the boy who gets the courage to stand up for himself and save his friend.”

Taking that message and focussing on themselves, Never Hill are excited about the immediate future. “We are very strong believers in our own music and know that we have some great tunes that people can relate to! We are working with some great people helping us and have played some great shows and have some great ones coming up so definitely excited about our future as a band,” Thomson concludes.

‘Epilogue’ is available now both physically and digitally. Find out more about Never Hill via Facebook.