Mood Board : The Sunday Sadness

Mood Board : The Sunday Sadness

By Penny Bennett

Feb 6, 2019 16:27

Ahead of their self titled release, we spoke to The Sunday Sadness about some of the music that's influenced the record and the songs that carried them through 2018

Home – Resonance

Resonance is almost the reason why The Sunday Sadness happened. We used to be some sort of emocore band and we had actually already recorded numerous songs in that vibe before going synthwave. But one day, my cousin who I hadn’t seen for years randomly came to my place because he needed a place to stop during one of his trips. We started talking music and I showed him what we were up to with the band. He then showed me this song and I instantly knew that’s what our music needed. We then wrote our first song called The Wrong Way which mixed all our old influences with the vaporwave vibes brought by Home and that was it, we knew where we were going.

Kavinsky – Nightcall

There’s a very specific feeling to this song. When you first hear it you’re like “Yeah I know this song it’s an oldie.” Then you check the release date and you realise that all this synthwave movement make us nostalgic about a time we haven’t even known, but in a good way. Nightcall is all about those long night drives, watching the city lights through the car window. We’re taking a lot of inspiration from that one single song.

The 1975 – Somebody Else

The 1975 is one of the bands that inspire us the most. They’re always trying to bring something new to pop and rock music, whether it is in the sound or in the visuals and they are constantly expanding their style to other genres especially with their new release. Somebody Else is their biggest piece of art. The song is one hell of a mainstream hit, but still, it has such a strong nostalgic and sad vibe. Also, the sound design and the synths remind us a bit of some old school synthwave songs and that’s part of what makes this song so special to us.

BTS – Fake Love

When it came out, Fake Love was such an eye-opener song. We couldn’t imagine this much entertainment could be brought by just one music video and song. The hairstyles, the outfits, the aesthetic, the dance moves and pretty much every detail are just so polished and aesthetically pleasing. Since that moment we decided we needed to spend a lot more time thinking and working on every visual aspects for The Sunday Sadness and it was noticeable that our fanbase got even more engaged as soon as we developed our image more.

Here are some bonus tracks that kept us going and had on repeat in 2018

Pale Waves – My Mind Makes Noises

Matthieu : Pale Waves is a four piece dream-pop band from Manchester. This record is a collection of pure bangers. Fans of The Cure and The 1975 will possibly get addicted to their sound because it’s just too catchy to handle. They became famous after they were the opening act during The 1975’s world tour back in 2017. My favourite track is Television Romance.

Good Charlotte – Generation RX

Matthieu : With this record, we definitely hear GC’s will to come back to their roots. This record is heavier and darker than the previous ones, and it reminds us of The Young And The Hopeless. The production is top notch, the melodies are catchy and the lyrics will definitely speak to anyone that went or is going through difficult times. My favourite song is Actual Pain.

iKon – Return

Matthieu : iKon is one of the biggest K-pop bands in Korea but they’re not that big in the rest of the world. They are the Korean band that has the catchiest melodies. Just give a try to “Love Scenario” and I’m pretty sure you’ll find yourself singing it afterwards, even though you couldn’t get the lyrics right.

Cherry Pools – Less Religion, More Sex

Matthieu : Cherry Pools are a pop-rock band fronted by Abandon All Ships’ ex-clean vocalist Martin Broda. It mainly sounds like what The 1975 could deliver in the past. Martin Broda is an awesome vocalist that brings a lot of emotions to these songs that end up being pretty. My favourite so far is “Forever Young”.

Childish Gambino – Summer Pack

John : The EP only includes two songs but they had such a big impact in the year 2018. Childish Gambino released a brilliant music video for his single “This Is America”. The music video, just like the song itself, is original and unpredictable, it also contains many references that are just such on point and related to what’s happened this year.

Panic ! At The Disco – Pray For The Wicked

Matt : Brendon Urie has gone so far with his project. With this release, P!ATD became one of the biggest pop bands and got to reach a whole new and much bigger audience than they did in the past. All the songs have their own vibes, Brendon has an incredible vocal range and every track from this record has a strong hook that you can’t get out of your head. My favourite one is “High Hopes”.

Orel San – La fête est finie

John : Ok, let’s bring a bit of French music to the table. Orel San is one of the most famous rappers in France, and this year, he dropped a bomb that took him to a whole new level. The title means “The Party Is Over” and the reason why this record is such a success is that the lyrics are just so relatable for all the French kids and young adults. My favourite song is called “Notes pour Trop Tard” (Notes for later). The text is like a collection of advice Orel San wished he would have received while growing up as a young man and it just speaks to us.

Stray Kids – I am WHO.

Matthieu : Stray Kids is one of the youngest K-pop group but also the most promising. Despite their young age they put a lot of effort into their production and take a huge part in producing their own music. Also, you’ll notice that they pretty much have their own structure and patterns, they’re definitely developing their own sound and I can’t wait to see them grow more. My favourite song is “Voices”

Thanks to Punktastic for having us, we hope that you have enjoyed our AUDIO Mood Board. Our debut EP ‘The Sunday Sadness’ will be out February 15th 2019. Check out our latest video ‘Someone’