Mood Board : The Bronx

Mood Board : The Bronx

By Penny Bennett

Nov 27, 2018 14:20

The Bronx are back for another of our Mood Board features! We spoke to guitarist Ken Horne about the punk records that inspire him.

Sex Pistols – Nevermind the Bollocks

There’s always the question of Damned, Clash, or the Pistols and I always choose the Sex Pistols. This album is great front to back, and heavily influenced by the New York Dolls sound. If the New York Dolls sped up 50s rock n roll and gave it attitude, these guys sped it up a little bit more and acted like they didn’t give a shit. And Johnny Rotten’s voice is bad-ass.

Ramones – Rocket to Russia

Third album and my favourite by the Ramones. Another album that’s great from front to back. This album has kind of the garage/surf rock influence with bubblegum hooks that I really love. The packaging of the front and back cover is great too. Guitar Wolf blasts this album over the PA right before they go on too. Factoid.

Teengenerate – Get Action!

Straight outta Tokyo! These guys proved that you didn’t need three chords, you only need two! And I love how it was recorded on a 4 track cassette recorder and has such a raw sound. There’s a version of it that was recorded at Egg Studios in Seattle, but I love the original version way better! Get action and go buy this album!

Stooges – Raw Power

This album influenced all the punk bands that were coming few years later. People call this album proto punk but I think it’s raw punk rock n roll. Everything is raw on this album. The guitar, bass, drums, Iggy’s voice… There’s not another album that sounds like this. The rumour is that when Iggy handed the master tape to David Bowie to mix, it had vocals and guitar solos on one channel and drums bass and guitars on another channel and asked him to mix it.

The Undertones – Teenage Kicks

Not an album but 7 inch. If you proclaim yourself being punk, vinyl collector, or whatever kind of music fan you are, you need this 7 inch in your collection. John Peel played this song twice in a row because this song is so great! This is real pop punk. Not that 90s pop punk shit.