Mood Board : Our Hollow, Our Home

Mood Board : Our Hollow, Our Home

By Penny Bennett

Oct 19, 2018 14:17

In the latest of our Mood Board feature's we spoke to Toby Young, Guitar/Vocals of Our Hollow, Our Home about the things that inspired their new album ‘In Moment // In Memory’.

The Gladiator, Armageddon and Lord Of The Rings sound Tracks

I’ve always been a really big fan of film soundtracks – I probably listen to them more than anything else! While writing “In Moment // In Memory”, I knew from the offset I wanted to make the album more orchestral, so I turned to some of my favourite scores for inspiration. Whilst composing these parts, I pushed myself harder than in any other aspect of the writing process as I knew it had to be all or nothing. An interesting fact is that the string and brass sections took longer to put together than any other instrument on the album.

‘Behind The Devils Back’ – The Album by Fightstar

The first of ‘the big four’ albums I will talk about in this article that played a massive part in inspiring the construction and composure of this album. Fightstar have been one of my favourite bands since their inception and I could have easily chosen any of their albums for this list, but for me, the way aggression is portrayed within ‘Behind The Devils Back’ is pure brilliance. The blend of melody and brutality is perfectly executed in an intelligent manner and the whole album is pieced together fantastically. There are also very catchy vocal lines notably in the chorus’s to ‘Sink With The Snakes’, ‘Murder All Over’ and the outro to ‘Overdrive’… which is my favourite part of the whole album!

‘Good Grief: What I learned from loss’ – Elaine Mansfield’s TEDx Talk

My father died the day before we left for a European run of shows. He had told me that whatever happened, he wanted me to go, so with the help of my band and the support of my wonderful partner and family I got through it- to this day I’m still not quite sure how. What I faced when I returned from this tour was arguably one of the most difficult times in my life. My friend suggested I watch some talks on dealing with grief and ‘Good Grief: What I learned from loss’, was the first video I watched before I started my own journey through grief counselling. Elaine’s words really helped me, and she was kind enough to let us sample her voice and wisdom on the first track of the album ‘//Denial’.

‘Vheissu’ – The album by Thrice

Another member of ‘the big four’… probably one of my most favourite albums of all time, and one I regularly go back to ‘Vheissu’ for inspiration. I just can’t find fault with any part of this album, and I learnt a lot from the dynamic shifts (which are more apparent in the tracks‘ Red Sky’ and ‘Music Box’) – It really made me want to experiment with the way we traditionally constructed our songs for Our Hollow, Our Home.

Loss And Gain’ – The poem by Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

A poem that I remembered reading at school. I don’t recall why it stuck out in my mind but while I was writing the lyrics for ‘In Memory’, the line from the poem ‘The lowest ebb is the turn of the tide’ came to mind. I went back and reread the poem, which inspired me to reflect on some of the sets of lyrics we had already worked on and try and add another dimension to them.

‘Horizons’ – The Album by Parkway Drive

The third member of ‘the big four’… for when you need inspiration for riffs, there are very few better places to look than ‘Horizons’. It’s another album I always go back to when I’m writing because it’s just so good. I don’t think there are many Metalcore albums out there that can top ‘Horizons’. I always say we basically combined our favourite bands in a blender to create Our Hollow, Our Home ….and Parkway Drive are a 110% in the mix!

Grief Counselling

I feel mental health one of those subjects that could be taboo for some to talk about, which it shouldn’t be! There is no shame in asking for help or seeking it out when you need it, whether it’s from friends, family or a professional. My counsellor Michael helped me find a route through my grief and taught me that the stages of grief don’t follow from 1 – 5, but instead, you go back and forth from one to another, until you finally come to terms with what has happened. Without his help, I would not have been able to channel my emotions into something positive, I have a lot to thank him for and if anyone is reading this and feels like they aren’t coping, please be brave and seek help.

‘False Idol’ – The Album by Veil Of Maya

The last of ‘the big four’…My favourite album from 2017, along with my favourite song from 2017 (‘Overthrow’). I listened to this album a lot towards the end of the writing process, and I think its influence shines through in some of the heavier, more technical parts of the new record. The musicianship on ‘False Idols’ is insane, and I’d highly recommend anyone who’s not heard them to check them out immediately!

My Father

The original driving force behind ‘In Moment // In Memory’, to create a legacy for the man who raised me and that made me who I am today. The album is a journey through my grief for my father and the fulfilment of a promise I made to him that I would not give up on my dream.  Although each song works individually and is relatable in its own right (as each tells its own story), they form small parts of a much larger picture. Without the loss of my father, this album would never have been written, which makes this bittersweet, however, I’m happy knowing that I followed his wishes for me to see this through. This album is for him.